Ready, Set, Goal!

Happy New Year! This year starts with a supportive flash of lightning in a bottle. Genius creating Uranus offers support to your big dreams for 2022. Our challenge will be to keep momentum when we face Saturnian setbacks. The last Saturn Uranus square on Christmas eve was a doozy.   The Omicron variant brought chaos to the holiday season. As anticipated, structures have broken down unexpectedly:

  • Staffing shortages led to thousands of flights cancellations.
  • The shelves are empty of needed home tests.
  • Lines for COVID testing wrapped around buildings.
  • Hospitals are filling up.
  • Holiday events and New Year’s Eve parties were canceled.

The good news is that the square is separating. We will eventually begin to see relief until late summer, when the square begins to tighten again. The USA midterm elections will be a doozy.

There are exciting transits to anticipate. Jupiter and Neptune are both at home and will meet at 24º Pisces on April 12. I am excited about art,...

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Time to Go

I love the rhythmic nature of the astrology cycles.  The cosmos invites us to evolve, and the lunar nodes are teachers. They travel backward through the zodiac for 18 months. Since May 2020, the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis of information has been in the limelight.  The collective work of integrating new ideas leading into the release of entrenched thinking ends soon.  On Saturday, December 18, 8:35 pm PT, the final  2021 Full Moon debuts. It is the last one in the Mercury-ruled air sign of Gemini before the North Node moves into Venus-ruled Taurus to spotlight our resources and values. Are there nagging self-limiting stories that you want to release?  Well, Venus in Capricorn will assist! She stations for her retrograde on the day of this lunation.

From December 19 until January 29, she will dance backward in heels. Venusian topics for review, reassessment, and revision include our money, values, and relationships. This tango promises intensity as her partner...

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Manifest Destiny

The last eclipse on the information axis is at 12º Sagittarius on Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 2:42 am ET. Since May 4, 2020 when the North Node entered fact gathering Gemini, the collective call is to cultivate a beginner mindset, educate ourselves and take in new data. The South Node is the discharge point and in Sagittarius we are tasked to release outdated and entrenched dogma. Take some time to consider how you have evolved during this time. How have you expanded your world view? You have until January 18th to complete the work before the evolutionary pull shifts into Taurus topics.

This Sagittarius eclipse is part of Saros series 5 South. Astrologer Bernadette Brady describes it as having a joyful nature.  Good news, falling in love and peak experiences are possible. Have you noticed how many people are newly engaged? It was a pleasure to host a webinar to discuss the eclipse. Learn more about the signature of this lunation here.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle...

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Dangerous Beauty

Eclipse season is underway, and the lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19 at 27º Taurus brings textbook intensity.  Do your best to be rested, calm, and centered because passionate Mars in Scorpio opposes chaos-loving Uranus. With oppositions, it is easy to swing one way or the other rather than achieve balance.  Unexpected outbursts of anger are possible. The energy will last through American Thanksgiving.  Avoid impulsivity! Be present so your family’s holiday does not end in tears, hurt feelings, or broken dishes. Scorpio season calls for shadow work. How can you love yourself and others' flaws and all? If possible, focus on gratitude and forgiveness rather than vengeance.

Another source of intensity is the Moon’s conjunction with feared fixed star Algol.  In Greek mythology, this star is Medusa’s severed head.  She was the feared Gorgon with snakes for hair whose visage was a weapon.  One look and you turned to stone. Scorpio...

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Sync with the Moon in 2022! Purchase your Digital Calendar today.

I am excited to collaborate with Wise Skies Collective! This calendar is a game-changing tool for anyone who desires a deeper connection with the Moon.  Want to know her zodiac signs and moon phases to pick optimal times for activities? Just look at your phone or desktop calendar. You will also receive simple lunar wisdom. Buy for yourself or as a gift. I LOVE IT!

The investment is $20 when you use my coupon code: CELESTE15.  It is compatible with iOS, Google Calendar, Android, Mac, any phone, laptop, or device, and updates the time as you travel to different time zones! Install in minutes. 

You will receive 3 files -  A moon calendar,  planetary transits calendar, and a void of course moon calendar. Install one or all three. Email [email protected] with any questions.


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Unleash the Queen

The new moon at 12º Scorpio on November 4th at 2:14 pm PT officially launches eclipse season. Have you already experienced surprising beginnings or endings? These intense lunations are times of massive change that unfold over several months. To compound the feeling of standing on shifting sands, the Lightning bolt thrower, Uranus, faces off with the luminaries. Expect the unexpected on steroids! I am hosting two free webinars. Register here to learn more about these lunations.

Uranus not only brings sudden events but also awakens us to new possibilities. Like Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to give to man, the Universe may provide you with unexpected epiphanies. Stay open for revelations over the next month. Write them down whether they come through a dream or during the day. Claim your sovereignty.

Learn more about the signature of this lunation at my YouTube video here.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

Where do you invest your time,...

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Oracle on Purpose Podcast Interview

This Scorpio season promises surprises as we have the first eclipse on the axis of possessions. Personal vs shared resources will be in focus. On November 19, the Taurus Moon opposes the Scorpio Sun.  This lunation is a sneak peek into the karmic collective journey of the North Node in Taurus upcoming transit: January 19, 2022 – July 17, 2023. I think two key themes will be shedding materialism and valuing the Earth’s limited bounty.

Being a guest on Coach Lia Dunlap’s podcast was a priceless gift. Like myself, she left the corporate world to pursue her calling. She helps people find their purpose and build prosperity. Niching down and letting go of energy drains is helping me to focus my business with more ease and joy. I suggest subscribing to her podcast for impactful guidance. View the discussion here.

Join me Sundays at 9:30 am PT and Mondays at 11:00 am PT on Instagram Live to discuss the astrology of current events, insights on the Moon phases, and...

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Explosive Tendencies

This 27º Aries Full Moon on Wednesday, September 20th at 7:56 am PT is a doozy. Mars rules the bold and fiery sign of Aries, and he is currently in exile. The planet of action is struggling through the uncomfortable territory of diplomacy-loving Libra. Mars prefers to take rather than negotiate. To make matters worse, he is on his way to battle against Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.  Spoiler alert, Pluto wins. This lunation magnifies the volcanic intensity of the battle of the cosmic baddies. Don’t turn love into a battlefield.  Use this energy to build courage and activate your willpower to manifest your vision.

I suggest taking time out for a Full Moon ritual. Prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

Reflecting on my Libra New Moon intentions for bringing more balance to my relationships, what progress can I celebrate? Which goals need to be adjusted? What do I need to release? 

Think back to the start of this lunar gestational family; the...

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AstrologyBytes Podcast Appearance

Are you moving through Mercury Retrograde season with minor frustrations, a few fun anecdotes, and no catastrophes? The official ending is Oct 18, but we are still in the shadow period until Nov 2.

Be aware that ghosts may continue returning from the past. Fingers crossed its friendly Casper and not someone reminiscent of an Edgar Allan Poe novel. Electronic issues also can still pop up, and secrets especially may be revealed. I am looking forward to the winged messenger entering Scorpio for the first time!

On the bright side, you may feel a motivational push forward now that achievement-loving Saturn is in direct motion and gaining speed each day!

Secondary progression is a forecasting technique that advances the natal chart into the future and provides insights into potential life developments. It is a day for a year technique. Astrologers focus on the progressed Moon because she moves the fastest at 1 degree per month and changes signs every 2.5 years.  She illuminates our...

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Beauty and the Beast

Welcome to pumpkin spiced latte season! Airy Libra appreciates an elegant social event so make sure to add some time for fun and fellowship. With Mercury in retrograde the opportunity to reconnect with old friends is now. Make the call and set up a date!

Have you had any electronic glitches, mix-ups or mishaps?   My email melted down, my phone started talking to me unexpectedly and I came home with two bottles of Pinot Noir rather than Chardonnay by mistake in just the last few days. Monday’s massive Instagram outage ate my Astro & Oracle Live. Ugh! It was a good one.  Oh well. I would love to hear your stories, email me at [email protected]. The technical glitches aside, have you had any revelations on how you partner with others?

On the surface, the October 6th lunation looks energizing, but dark intensity lies beneath.  The New Moon at 13º Libra reports into possessive and passionate Venus in Scorpio. She is having a side...

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