November 14

Taurus Lunar Eclipse Webinar

Dangerous Beauty


December 2

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Webinar

Manifest Destiny


Free Webinar Series

Did you know that the Moon is a guide through each of the twelve zodiac signs every month?

Astrology is all about timing, and the cyclical dance between the Sun and the Moon provides a blueprint to manifest our dreams. The lunar calendar guides the cyclical flow of energy that we can harness into bite-size pieces. Eclipses are karmic lunar phases. They coincide with life-changing events in our lives and that of the collective.

Why you should attend

Join Celeste Brooks, an astrologer, coach, and intuitive, for a unique and fun Moon Mastery™ webinar series intended to help you live your most fulfilling life. Celeste’s webinars on our beautiful Moon help us understand its vibrant and loving feminine energy and how it can support us.

Why join live

The Moon Mastery™ webinars are interactive, and participants have an opportunity to receive Celeste’s hot takes on your chart.  Reserve your spot now as seating is limited.