Identity Crisis

Aries is the sign of the self. On a personal level, this lunation is exciting. There is positive energy for self-actualization. Tap into the inspirational fire to stay optimistic that you can achieve your big goals despite setbacks. Eclipses often reveal the story weeks in advance. Do you know what new beginning seeded in your life? For a deep dive into the astrology and what it could mean for you, purchase the Solar Eclipse workshop replay here.

On a collective level, brutal conflicts are escalating globally. War-mongering Mars rules this sign, and the 29th anaretic degree amplifies the combative energy. Gun violence in the USA is shattering records. In Sudan, a paramilitary group is attempting to overthrow the government. Jupiter, which governs justice, is in a weakened state of combustion. The Supreme Court may ban an abortion (Uranus) pill. I expect people to take to the streets with outrage. Religious leaders are also Jupiterian figures. I recorded a video about the Dalai Lama kissing scandal. 

I have my eye on the Mercury Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Mercury rules communication, transportation, and commerce. Shock and awe Uranus indicates significant changes and is the great awakener. On Friday, the winged messenger turns retrograde on the highly visible world point of 15º Taurus. One of the stories we already know is about the national guardsmen (Aries rules the military)  who released secret government communications in a video gaming group. The incident awakened the US government to vulnerabilities in confidential information access. This retrograde period will involve reviewing and changing processes to increase security.

The sign of the bull governs resources, values, and money. Many companies are announcing layoffs. Last Friday, an explosion (Uranus) and massive fire (Aries) at a factory farm killed 18,000 cows (Taurus). The cause may be the manure (South Node in Scorpio) management equipment.

More surprising stories about financial, food, and technological matters will surface. Will a social media company experience a blackout? Twitter is working with a skeleton crew and the US government is considering banning TikTok. Cybercrime for financial gain is also on brand. Massive transportation issues that impact long-distance travel are possible. Be prepared for scheduling delays and communication mix-ups. Reversals and reoccurrences of previous situations are also on brand. Your ex may slide into your DMs. 

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Download the new Intention Setting Guide. Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

🥅 What is your primary goal for self-fulfillment? What do you want to accomplish by the first quarter Aries Moon on Jan 17?

📿 Create an I AM mantra to energize yourself.

⛰️ Examine your relationship with risk-taking. Does fear keep you from pursuing your ambitions?

🎵 The song of the lunation is Me, Myself & I by De La Soul.




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