Queen Me

Returning home to see family and childhood friends was part of my Mercury retrograde experience. Mars in Cancer took me back to my roots. Retrograde shenanigans ranged from humourous to irritating. My favorite was during a day trip to New York City. I wanted to take the elevated HiLine walking path from Penn Station to the West Village, but the entrance was closed due to an art installation. Mercury rules transportation, and it is transiting the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus. Venus rules art. Retrogrades cause delays and reversals. I spent time walking in a circle trying various entrances with no success.

Taurus also governs money. Pay extra attention to invoices, bills, and receipts for the rest of the month. Miscalculations and fraudulent charges are possible. UBER overcharged one friend, and I had a frustrating problem with my hotel bill due to miscommunication.

Intense, watery Scorpio rules sex, death, organized crime, and immense wealth. This week, another bank failed, and the Proud Boys leaders are guilty of seditious conspiracy related to the January 6 insurrection. I have my eye on the Donald Trump rape trial. The eclipse squares Black Moon Lilith in Leo. Lilith was Adam’s first wife and refused to be silenced or subservient. E. Jean Carroll, the plaintiff, joins Stormy Daniels as Lilith in the flesh and is a proverbial thorn in the side of the former guy. Other stories of a Scorpionic nature that stand out:

- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is in hot water over unreported lavish gifts from a billionaire. The lunation hits his Scorpio Midheaven (MC) and South Node. The MC is public and on the cusp of the 10th house of career and reputation. The South Node sends things down the drain. His already tarnished legacy has another stain. Will he be censured or have to resign?

- A failed assassination attempt on Scorpio-rising Vladimir Putin. With Venus at 11 Scorpio, I wonder if the culprits are people he considers allies. The eclipse in his first house of vitality makes the timing unsurprising. Mercury retrograde lessens the prospect of the successful execution of any plans that require precision.

- Scorpio Sun King Charles is getting a promotion. This lunation squares his natal Pluto (power) in Leo, the sign of royalty. Uranus and Mercury retrograde are in the public 10th house at the start of the ceremony. Look for mixups, misspeaking, and confusion. Will something surprising or chaotic occur?

High road Scorpio is passionate and encourages healing. If your long-term partnership feels stale, sexual healing could be just what you need this weekend. Can you forgive old hurts, focus on gratitude and remember the love?

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ Are you saving enough for the future? What wealth-building changes will you make to increase your security?
🕊️ Examine your shadows; which personality traits would you rather disown?
🔌 Evaluate the power dynamics in your closest relationships. How do you get what you want. Are your tactics fair or manipulation?
🎵 The song of the Lunar Eclipse is Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.

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