Brave New World

In astrology, the new year begins when the Sun enters Aries. Spring brings fresh energy and enthusiasm as the days get warmer and longer. The intensity of the last few weeks left many feeling exhausted and drained. Shake it off! Action-oriented Mars rules the sign of the ram. Movement is medicine and will dissipate frustration, anger, impatience, and irritation.

March is a month of massive changes. Structured Saturn entered boundariless Pisces on March 7. Within days two banks collapsed. Despite government actions, there is still a crisis of faith around the financial system. Venus rules money and will meet Uranus, the planet of shocks and awe, on March 30. Fingers crossed, there isn’t another economic earthquake.

Pleasure-seeking Venus turns retrograde in fun-loving Leo from July 22 to September 3. Disappointing vacations are on brand. Reconsider cruises and beach vacations in the Caribbean or Florida this summer since a 5000-mile seaweed blob is on the way. A massive...

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New Moon Guidance ā€“ Begin Again

Do you feel yourself releasing things from your life? Relationships, habits, commitments, or other things that no longer serve you may beckon an exit.  It is a time of endings. The Pisces Moon is in her balsamic phase. The last sign of the zodiac meets the last phase of the lunar cycle. Listen to your inner wisdom and resist the urge to cling to the comfortable.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, invites us to be self-focused, courageous and action oriented.  From late Friday until Monday morning, our sky is ablaze with fire as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus party hearty in Aries. Do not miss the opportunity for joy, inspiration, and exuberance.

The caution is to look before you leap. The collective energy of the ego, emotional body, intellect, and pleasure seeking are all reporting to Mars, the action planet, in the changeable and fickle sign of Gemini.  There is a risk of regrettable impulsive decisions as the energy urges us to act. Keep in mind that loose...

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