Surprise Showers

This lunar cycle is going to bring the drama. On the day of the New Moon, the North Node enters Aries and the South Node into partner Libra until January 2025. The lunar nodes move backward through the zodiac. This transit begins at the 29th degree of karmic lessons, crisis, and decay. The collective work shifts from focusing on resource allocation to relationship dynamics. It's time to assert personal needs, embrace courage and enforce healthy boundaries. As we adjust to the shift, I expect we will experience surges of the shadows. Selfish, aggressive, and tactless behavior will abound as the rules of civility are rewritten.

The Sun in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and the lunar nodes will form a cardinal grand cross on July 21 at the 29th degree of each sign. Crosses are planetary patterns without an outlet. Venus in fiery Leo stations retrograde on July 22. Seismic events will occur around this time. Extreme weather is likely as the New Moon is sextile surprising Uranus and trine...

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