Moon Mastery™ Classes

Understanding your cosmic blueprint provides a flashlight to slice through the shadows and illuminate the dark spaces.

Pivot from seeking outside validation to trusting the wisdom of your inner guidance. Learning astrology is fun and insightful. Working with the Moon cycles will help you to reduce stress, increase joy, achieve goals, and build better relationships with more ease.

By the end of the course, you will have a new perspective to make more conscious decisions, improve personal relationships and achieve your goals in life. The personalized framework will accelerate your goal setting and success.

We live in a society that worships constant doing. The focus on achievement through intensity has left many of us confused, exhausted, and unfulfilled. This course is right for you if…

You see life as a journey of growth, the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with yourself excites you and could use a framework for success.

Whether you are:

✔️ A goal digger with big dreams who would relish a system to pursue and achieve them with more ease.

✔️ A procrastinator who struggles to consistently move your goals forward and are sometimes mystified by the disconnect between your inner dialogue and outward actions.

✔️ A spiritual seeker who desires tools to navigate your inner wisdom to increase your personal joy and improve your close relationships.

✔️ A recovering perfectionist who needs tools to harness your overactive mind to tame the inner critic.

Moon Mastery™ 101

A deep dive into our lunar teacher, the Moon. Understand your subconscious drives, uncover hidden talents, gain insight to nurture yourself and guidance to achieve more balance. Learn the basics of how to read your natal chart.

Introduction to cosmic compatibility. Discover tools to improve your relationships by decoding how people interact based on their astrological signatures.

Understand the Moon Mastery™ system to manifest your goals. Set intentions in sync with the Moon's energy (zodiac sign) and light (lunar phase).

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A tool for self-discovery and manifesting with ease

Awaken to your true potential by harmonizing your goal setting with the natural cycles of the moon. In this course, you will unravel the mystery of your subconscious to end self-sabotaging behaviors. By the end of your transformation, you will have a new perspective to make more conscious decisions, improve personal relationships and achieve your goals in life.

Samantha W.

Puerto Rico

"Celeste's enthusiasm for astrology is infectious and her depth of knowledge impressive. With her guidance, I have a better grasp of my own birth chart and the ways in which I can use the phases of the moon to navigate emotions, manifest, and create goals for self improvement. Moon Mastery 101 is ideal for anyone seeking to broaden their understanding of astrology - and of themselves."

Ashley C.


"Celeste's knowledge is unmatched and she delivers it in a way that just makes sense. I can not tell you how many aha moments I have had under her guidance. She uniquely connects with her students, both building community and inspiring individual growth. Working with Celeste, and listening to how she breaks down the very complex language of astrology has helped me grow more confident and assured in my own practice, as well as better convey information to my clients. If you want to learn in a practical and supportive way, Celeste is the teacher for you!"  

Moon Mastery™ 201

Go one step further into your journey toward self-compassion and emotional clarity. Moon Mastery™ 201 builds upon the lessons of Moon Mastery™ 201 by diving deeper into the moon, her magic, and your natal chart. 


PLEASE NOTE: Students are expected to have an existing understanding of the basics of astrology (the signs, planets, houses and aspects) or have completed Moon Mastery™ 101. 

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Message from Celeste about this course

Hello! I am so excited to guide you as you connect to your celestial blueprint.

Learning astrology and working with the cycles of the moon transformed my life in so many beautiful ways. I am now a recovering overachiever with significantly less stress in my life. I am connected to my inner wisdom in new ways and manifested early retirement. 

Astrology is the language of compassion. Understanding the astrological signature of yourself and your loved ones will unlock a well of compassion. You will come away from this course with a new perspective on your ability to sync with the natural cycles of your life and experience new levels of fulfillment and abundance.

Should you decide to accept the invitation to explore your natal promise, I am honored to be your guide and cannot wait for the exploration to begin.

With love and light,

Why focus on the Moon?

The Moon is a guide through each of the twelve zodiac signs every month. Astrology is all about timing and the cyclical dance between the Sun and the Moon each month provides a blueprint to manifest our dreams. 

This unique course teaches you how to apply the Moon cycle and its timing in a personalized way.  In this class you will learn when to plant seeds of intent and harvest your bounty for both immediate and long-term success.  Understanding the 29 day, 6 month, and 2.5 year lunar cycles is empowering and life-changing. 

Moon Mastery™ is Celeste's unique approach to self-discovery and personal abundance and she wants to share it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions to consider before making your investment:

Karen C.


"Moon Mastery 101 gives you all the tools you need to understand the Moon phases and how they relate to manifestation. You also learn about your natal Moon phase and how that impacts you as well. Celeste gives a variety of ways to apply the information and is just a fabulous teacher!"

Beth W.

Tuscon, AZ

"Celeste has such great insight, knowledge and wisdom. She has a way of teaching that's very grounded, clear and understandable. The connections I've made through her has carrying on well beyond our class. Highly recommend." 

Behroze Gandhy

UK, Isle of Wright

"I’ve been following and studying with at least a dozen astrologers online, and I have to say that Celeste has the greatest patience in clarifying all the questions that arise. One finds in astrology that the more you learn, the more you discover how much more there is to learn! 

Celeste also has the most infectious energy and enthusiasm in sharing her knowledge and most importantly for my life I have learned to incorporate the various phases of the moon whilst it journeys through the various constellations and adapt my energies accordingly. I’ve also learned to include various supporting rituals especially during the new moon and full moon period, which has made this difficult year much more joyful!"

Kimberly G.

San Diego, CA

"Celeste has a brilliant mind and knows so many different ways to use Astrology as a tool to understand what makes a person tick. I've had many readings over the years and Celeste has told me things no other Astrologer has brought to my attention about myself. Her teaching style is practical, grounded, and easy to understand. She's intuitive, playful, and makes learning Astrology fun.

Whether it's a personal reading or taking an Astrology class, you will receive many insights and see yourself through a different lens."

Cynthia B.

St Louis, MO

"Celeste is knowledgeable and compassionate and approachable. Moon Mastery 101 gave me a broad overview into astrology as a whole, and Celeste's individualized attention allowed me to deepen and personalize that base knowledge to fit my own needs. I came away from the class with even more questions and a desire to learn more--which is the hallmark of a great teacher."