Queen Me

Returning home to see family and childhood friends was part of my Mercury retrograde experience. Mars in Cancer took me back to my roots. Retrograde shenanigans ranged from humourous to irritating. My favorite was during a day trip to New York City. I wanted to take the elevated HiLine walking path from Penn Station to the West Village, but the entrance was closed due to an art installation. Mercury rules transportation, and it is transiting the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus. Venus rules art. Retrogrades cause delays and reversals. I spent time walking in a circle trying various entrances with no success.

Taurus also governs money. Pay extra attention to invoices, bills, and receipts for the rest of the month. Miscalculations and fraudulent charges are possible. UBER overcharged one friend, and I had a frustrating problem with my hotel bill due to miscommunication.

Intense, watery Scorpio rules sex, death, organized crime, and immense wealth. This week, another bank failed, and the...

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