Venus Retrograde Care Package

Venus in Leo dances backward in heels from tomorrow, July 22, until  September 3. This retrograde invites us to review, redefine and reimagine our approach to relationships, material abundance, beauty, self-worth, confidence, and more. Chiron, the wounded healer, starts its annual reversal on Sunday until December 26. Think back to the summer of 2015 for insight into potential themes.

This closeness of the two internally focused transits invites healing through examining our shadows. For an in-depth discussion of the transit and illustration through natal chart readings, purchase the Venus Retrograde workshop replay.  

Oracle cards are a powerful tool for tapping into the subconscious and the current energies. I pull cards daily for myself and at the end of every astrology reading for my clients. My friend Maria Marmanides is a tarot/ oracle card reader, astrologer, and writer. I am in awe of her talents and highly recommend her Women of Myth oracle deck. "It is an empowering deck that allows you to consult the wisdom of 50 mythic women, each with their own gripping tales of triumph, tragedy, victory, heartbreaking loss, and often, everything in between". Check out my Instagram Live Cosmic Conversation with Maria to learn more about her and the deck. I pull a card weekly for how I can best bring my phenomenal woman self to my love relationship. Be prepared for the truth! Her Oracle Card Journal is a great companion to track your progress.

Psychotherapist Dona Morgan introduced me to the Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono. I love her gem of a book  Beyond Inspired: Transform Your Life With Ho'oponopono. Check out her Cosmic Conversation with me about EMDR therapy and more.

Long-time readers, podcast listeners, and Instagram followers know I love ProLon, the 5-day fast mimicking diet. I am an affiliate, and my coupon code is 10Celeste. It helped me ditch 20 pounds of relentlessly stubborn weight with the cellular cleanup and metabolism wakeup. At the beginning, I followed the clinically recommended approach (monthly for three months) and now use it twice a year to maintain my weight loss. It is not for everyone, but I love how it exercises my discipline and resets my metabolism.

I am delighted that Birthdate Candle invited me to be an affiliate. I light it for my oracle card and journaling ritual to connect with my creative inner fire. Use coupon code Celeste10 for a 10% discount.

There is a beautiful opportunity for growth. Regarding events outside our control, remember that retrograde planets bring delays, reversals, and unexpected difficulties. Take extra care and compassion in relationships, have travel insurance, and don't ignore any weather warnings. Schedule an astrology reading, listen to the Celestial Insights podcast, or join my Instagram lives for more guidance. Thank you for being part of my community of spiritual seekers. I so appreciate you.


Celeste Brooks


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