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Celeste Brooks is an Astrologer, Intuitive, and Coach

Astrology made an appearance in Celeste’s journey and, like a mirror’s reflection, it changed her life.

Celeste discovered a deeper understanding of herself, connected on a more authentic level with loved ones and found her purpose. Astrology has guided her to be healthier, be happier, work smarter, and exceed her career goals.

As a Cancer rising, working with the cycles of the moon has a beneficial impact on her life. Now, Celeste packages her approach to the esoteric science as Moon Mastery™ to help others succeed. Applying her professional sales and business experience with her astrological knowledge, she helps people expand their lives, ignite their passion, and find their purpose. 


Kerrin G.

Seattle, WA

"Celeste’s insights and knowledge of Astrology amazes me.  Using my birth chart, she was able to identify my pattern of decision making that makes so much sense, but was not something I had ever considered.  This one insight will change how I navigate both big and the small decisions. 

Celeste is generous with her knowledge, is kind, encouraging and compassionate ~ and all of that shows up in her readings and teachings.  No matter what your level of Astrological understanding is, Celeste will help deepen that knowledge and you will not be disappointed."

Guidance for Gemini Season

Celeste loves to share astrological insights. Here is guidance on Work, Play, and Love.

Expect Gemini season to be filled with twists and turns. First off, it is eclipse season, and permanent change is afoot. A new door opens, and when you look behind you, there is a wall. Secondly, Mercury at home in Gemini turns retrograde on May 29. The trickster is suited up and ready to amuse with electronic glitches, schedule mix-ups, and misunderstandings. Lastly, the second of three clashes between planetary titans Saturn and Uranus occurs on June 14.  There is a call to awaken to where you need to shake off old structures that no longer serve you. Evolution is the call, ready to answer?

Eclipse energy is intense and lasts for months. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 asks us to get off our high horses and release outdated dogma. The solar eclipse in Gemini is on June 10. Stay curious; what new story is starting for you?  Not sure? Join my free webinars or watch the replays on the Astrology by Celeste YouTube channel to learn what these intense lunations mean for you.

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Plan extra time for everything. Mercury retrograde will bring the headache. Sign on to meetings early, save constantly, and triple-check your work. If you are not sure what you heard, ask for a repeat.  I promise it is in your best interest to get clarification.


Socialize with siblings and friends. Brunch! It is an ideal time for journaling as the winged messenger brings witty turns of phrases. You may look back on your musings from this time and be not just enlightened but also delighted. 


Clear communication is of utmost importance as Mercury retrograde is notorious for misunderstandings.  Dating, take things slow as Venus‘s glasses get a bit fogged up this month.  Don’t make any commitments until after June 14.

Current Moon Phase

Humans are just like animals and plants in harmonizing with moon cycles.

Our bodies, minds and spirit are in sync with the moon's movements.  It is no coincidence, for example, that women’s biological cycles align to it. 

As the sun and moon waltz through the sky, we set intentions and build as the light increases during the waxing phase. During the waning phases when the light dims, it is the time to examine the fruits of our labor and let go of what does not serve us.


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