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Astrology by Celeste offers personal readings, coaching, group events and classes to guide people to higher levels of fulfillment.

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Get guidance on what to focus on now and tomorrow for career, love, and your life purpose.


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Treat guests at your next celebration to fun, personalized and interactive astrology readings.



Learn astrology basics to advanced Moon Mastery™ through courses and workshops.


Celeste is an Astrologer, Intuitive, and Coach

Astrology made an appearance in Celeste’s journey and, like a mirror’s reflection, it changed her life.

Celeste discovered a deeper understanding of herself, connected on a more authentic level with loved ones and found her purpose. Astrology has guided her to be healthier, be happier, work smarter, and exceed her career goals.

As a Cancer rising, working with the cycles of the moon has a beneficial impact on her life. Now, Celeste packages her approach to the esoteric science as Moon Mastery™ to help others succeed. Applying her professional sales and business experience with her astrological knowledge, she helps people expand their lives, ignite their passion, and find their purpose. 


Kerrin G.

Seattle, WA

"Celeste’s insights and knowledge of Astrology amazes me.  Using my birth chart, she was able to identify my pattern of decision making that makes so much sense, but was not something I had ever considered.  This one insight will change how I navigate both big and the small decisions. 

Celeste is generous with her knowledge, is kind, encouraging and compassionate ~ and all of that shows up in her readings and teachings.  No matter what your level of Astrological understanding is, Celeste will help deepen that knowledge and you will not be disappointed."

Guidance for Aquarius Season

Celeste loves to share astrological insights. Here is guidance on Work, Play, and Love.

Aquarius is a sign of extremes. The archetypes include The Individualist and The Humanitarian. This fixed air sign’s symbol is the Water Bearer, the one who brings the knowledge to wash away the past so we can begin anew.  Our planetary teachers, Jupiter (the Guru) and Saturn (the Builder) met in Aquarius starting a new 20-year cycle for each of us.  The Sun is shining light on your future path.  Listen to the whispers of your soul. How are you called to expand your life? What new structures will support and sustain your new growth?

Mercury, the ruler of our mental processes, will retrograde from January 30th to February 20th. Step back as the observer and evaluate your actions from a higher view.  Are you a pleaser, making yourself small, or wearing a mask for acceptance?  Shed that old skin and step into your authentic self.


Physical separation does not preclude social connection.  Set up a few virtual meetings with colleagues you do not know well to network. Ask someone you admire to share the secrets to their success.


Volunteering is not just for the holidays.  Consider helping a local organization to make your community a better place. Share your time or resources. Make new friends who share your values.


Reject division and embrace a higher love for your fellow citizens.  Be radical and mentally step into the shoes of someone with different beliefs.  Can you discover some empathy and understanding?

Current Moon Phase

Humans are just like animals and plants in harmonizing with moon cycles.

Our bodies, minds and spirit are in sync with the moon's movements.  It is no coincidence, for example, that women’s biological cycles align to it. 

As the sun and moon waltz through the sky, we set intentions and build as the light increases during the waxing phase. During the waning phases when the light dims, it is the time to examine the fruits of our labor and let go of what does not serve us.


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