Astrology Services

Get the ultimate selfie! Whether you’re looking for a personal, life or relationship enlightenment,  Astrology by Celeste has a reading designed to guide you.

Private Readings and Horary Consultations

Are you embarking on a new journey, experiencing a major life event, feeling stuck, or desiring to make positive changes? If so, a reading can provide life-changing insights. Astrology is a language and a birth chart exploration translates your soul’s blueprint.

A personal reading will help you to understand your internal wiring, uncover hidden talents, illuminate blind spots, and discover your soul’s purpose. 

A horary consultation will provide unique insight into a pressing dilemma. Birth information is optional but not necessary.

A group reading will add the perfect element of surprise and fun to your next event and it will leave everyone feeling more connected than ever before.

If you are interested in studying astrology, Celeste offers classes. Her Moon Mastery ™ program will provide the tools to maximize your unique life cycles.

New Beginnings Personal Reading


  • Natal Chart Analysis - deep-dive into your soul's design, life lessons, and your shortcut to bliss
  • Synastry - analysis of the chart interplay between you and another person for  cosmic understanding
  • Seasonal Forecast - energies to harness in the next year
  • Moon Mastery™ - guidance for monthly intention setting 

New Beginnings Personal Reading

Ideal for: Birthdays, New Year, New You, New Relationship, Career Growth, Life Event, Relocation Guidance

Like the waxing crescent moon, these readings provide vision and illuminate opportunities as you embark on a new journey. The natal chart is the ultimate selfie. During this discussion, you will gain clarity on your archetypal design, unconscious instincts, life lessons, and your soul's calling.  

Astrology readings are conducted by phone or video conferencing on Zoom. If desired, the sessions are recorded. You will receive a copy of the recording after the session is concluded. 

For all new clients, we start our journey together with a New Beginnings Reading.


Deeper Dive Personal Reading


Inspired by the first quarter moon, when you need clarity on the path forward, desire a deeper discussion on your natal chart or want to discuss past events, I am here to support your growth.  

Astrology readings are conducted by phone or video conferencing on Zoom.  If desired, the sessions are recorded. You will receive a copy of the recording after the session is concluded. 

For returning clients, we continue the journey of your soul growth. 

Returning Client Consultation


  • Solar Return - It is your birthday! The moment the sun returns to your natal position provides a roadmap for the coming year.
  • Seasonal Forecast - what planetary energies are in focus for the coming months 
  • Moon Mastery™ - guidance for monthly intention setting 
  • Natal Chart Activations - an exploration of past events to understand the energetic influences

Couples Consultation


  • Mini Natal Chart - individual celestial blueprint for each person.
  • Planetary Interactions - how the relationship is influenced by the way each person thinks, feels and reacts
  • Understanding the karmic connection and alignment of each soul's purpose.

Relationship Synastry Reading

Ideal for: Romantic Couples,  Spouses, Parent-Child, Siblings, Soulmates, Friends, Colleagues, Employer-Employee

When we look at the interplay between two people's birth charts, we see synergies to lean into and challenging energies to work through. Much like how the moon influences the tides on Earth, this reading will help you understand the influence of others on you and you on them.

Astrology readings are conducted by phone or video conferencing on Zoom. If desired, the sessions are recorded. You will receive a copy of the recording after the session is concluded. 



Astro Oracle Reading


Oracle Cards act in multiple ways to provide insight for your highest good. They offer messages from your guides, illumination on your best path forward, a flashlight to help you see in the dark, and a GPS to find your true north. Celeste will provide her unique blend of astrological knowledge and her intuition. She is not a fortune teller. Celeste is a lightworker with a goal to provide insightful counsel to help you expand your life and ignite your passion.

Astro Oracle readings are conducted by phone or video conferencing on Zoom. If desired, the sessions are recorded. You will receive a copy of the recording after the session is concluded. 



Intuitive Consultation


  • Mini Natal Chart Reading - an intuitive exploration of your celestial blueprint.
  • Astrology forecast - the key energies impacting you in the coming six months. 
  •  Oracle reading - 12 card spread, the messages you need will come through from your guides. 

Sample Questions


  • Should I accept the new position or stay at my current job?
  • Will starting my own business be profitable?
  • If I take legal action,  will I win my court case?
  • Where is my missing diamond necklace and will I get it back?
  • My cat went missing last week? Where is she?
  • Do John and I have a happy future together?

Horary Consultation

Ideal for: Business Ventures, Career Guidance, Missing Items, Lost Pets, Real Estate Transactions, Interpersonal Conflict, and Relationship Matters.

Do you desire unique insight into a pressing question? Horary Astrology is a technique used to answer specific questions about your actions and individual circumstances. A birth time is not required. 

Only ask the question if you are prepared for an honest assessment. You may need to make adjustments or accept potential losses. At its best, horary can illuminate the root of your problem, confirm recent past events, provide guidance on what will likely happen next, and suggestions on improving the outcome. 

Horary consultations are conducted by phone or video conferencing on Zoom. If desired, the sessions are recorded. You will receive a copy of the recording after the session is concluded. 



Grace W.

Tyler, Texas

"Celeste brings a rare warmth and keen intuition to her readings. Her genuine love for astrology comes through in every word. I will be referring my friends to Celeste and hope to do other readings with her in the future.

Celeste utilized multiple resources, books, cards and her extensive personal knowledge to expound upon what we discussed. It gave a lovely, well-rounded feel to our session and still remained focused on my chart."   

Celestial Success Coaching

$350/per month

Or $980 for three months paid upfront

  • Examination of your life goals and development of an action plan in line with your celestial blueprint for achieving them.
  • A Moon Mastery™ Playbook based on your natal chart and crafted specifically for you to optimize the moon cycles
  • Personalized key transit journal to prepare for the significant energy shifts for the next 12 months
  • Weekly recorded oracle card readings for growth guidance
  • Bimonthly 60 min coaching sessions to review goals and action plans

Celestial Success Coaching for a Season

Once we complete an initial reading, you may decide to sign up for ongoing coaching to navigate through at least one season - three months - of your journey.

A tailored coaching plan based on your growth goals.  

A longer 12-Month Moon Mastery™ Coaching Plan is available for $3500 per year and can be paid in installments. 

Group Reading

starting at $350/per event

In-person or on Zoom

  • Mini introduction to astrology and its impact on personality
  • Each guest will learn the astrological signature of their key planetary placements and area of life coming into focus
  • Guests will develop and share their astrological mission statement
To plan an event, please email Celeste at [email protected]

Private Group Events

Sample events: Birthdays, Engagements, Baby Shower, Housewarming, Family Reunions, Mother's Day Celebration

Congratulations as you celebrate your special day! This group reading service is intended to be your little gift to those you love at your next gathering. It is designed to be a fun, unique way to get to know one another at a deeper level – as written in the stars!

This service is available in-person or as a virtual group reading. It takes about 90 minutes for up to 10 people, and there is no additional charge for travel up to 30 miles.

Business Readings

If you are starting a new business, embarking on a new project, or celebrating a company milestone, astrology can help you maximize your success. Are you looking for an innovative ice-breaker or way to increase team bonding? If so, astrology is a fun and friendly alternative to Myer-Briggs or other HR assessments.
Three ways Celeste can help:

Receive leadership guidance applying astrological science. Understand your archetypal signature and learn how to leverage energetic timing to maximize the success of your projects.

A team-building event will provide your staff with a unique experience. Break the ice, transform the team energy, or simply grow stronger team bonds with astrology. 

A business event reading will add something different and magical to your next customer event or sales conference. Or surprise your staff with readings at the next celebration online or in-person. 

Please email Celeste at [email protected] for more information.

Laurie D.

Portland, OR

"Celeste’s knowledge of astrology is deep and wide.  Her insights into my chart validated for me, astrology is a real science.  She has shown me, using my birth chart, there are explanations for behavior patterns and practical applications for everyday life. 

She is able to explain, teach and then point you to resources to further your knowledge.  Her love of astrology is infectious!"