Aim Higher

I just returned from the NORWAC astrology convention in Seattle, WA. These events are an amazing opportunity to meet and learn new techniques from exceptional astrologers. Being in a community with like-minded spiritual adventures is such a joy. If you are a professional astrologer, enthusiast, or addict, I recommend putting a conference on your bucket list.

Jupiter, the cosmic Santa, transits resourceful Taurus until May 2024. The blessings and expansion are earthbound. Consider how you can grow wealth sustainably, experience more embodiment and embrace simple pleasures.

My Taurus Sun is in the 11th house of groups. In July, I will speak for the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR), the San Diego Astrological Society, and Synchronicity University. I will keep you posted. The first of 3 Jupiter connections with my Sun is on July 23. The beauty is that if you lean in a little, the greater benefic, with surpass your expectations for expansion. For myself, this transit is bringing growth with organizations and increased visibility. The risk for me is overdoing things and getting burned out. Where does this transit excite your natal chart? If you don't know, book an astrology reading. 

Jupiter rules optimistic Sagittarius. This sign governs knowledge, expansion, and exploration. During this lunation, Jupiter is conjunct the North Node of Destiny at 3 Taurus. Jupiter magnifies things. Will you maximize your expansion opportunities or pile on more stuckness? I also offer extended coaching programs if you need help achieving your desired life.

Full Moons illuminate. Don't look away from uncomfortable truths. Where are you on your path? Are you serious about your goals? Can you have faith in yourself? Communicative Mercury is conjunct brilliant Uranus, during this lunation, make mental space and document amazing ideas. Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ Are you optimistic about your future? If not, what changes can you make to begin sustainable growth? Release what no longer serves you.

🕊️  Consider your self-confidence. How are you playing small?  

📚  What new subjects will I explore to expand my worldview?

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is Aiming Higher by Odd Squad Family.


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