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On the Celestial Insights podcast dated June 26, I forecast that we might have surprising legal cases. Three stunning Supreme Court decisions reflected the First Quarter Moon (FQM) in Libra’s aspects—the sign oversees justice, artists, and marriage. FQM phases are times when we take action. In the astrology chart, Jupiter (judges) in Taurus (money, resources, artists) was in a smooth sextile with Saturn retrograde (authority rolling back judgments) in Pisces (forgiveness, atonement, oneness, and slavery). In addition, Mercury in Gemini was in a tense square with Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Leo squared Uranus in Taurus, and Neptune slowed down to station retrograde on Friday. The Associated Press is paraphrased below in italics.

The Court killed President Joe Biden’s $400 billion plan to cancel or reduce federal student loan debts & ended affirmative action in higher education.

- Mercury in Gemini rules students. Neptune governs forgiveness and atonement for past wrongs. Mars kills, and Uranus shocks. Retrograde motion brings reversals and can destroy anything contemplated.

The Court ruled in favor of a Christian designer who doesn’t want to make wedding websites for gay couples. The case cited a request from a man who says he never asked to work for her. Also, he is in a long-term marriage with a woman. The decision suggests that artists, photographers, videographers, and writers are among those who can refuse to offer what the Court called expressive services if doing so would run contrary to their beliefs.

Shadow Mercury in Gemini rules trickery and false statements. Neptune and Pisces both govern religion and beliefs. Shadow energy includes falseness and deception. Pisces is also associated with artists, cameras, and film. Mars (sexuality) in Leo (party/ wedding) square Uranus (gay, different). Will the lawyers and plaintiffs who made fraudulent claims face any consequences?  

We are experiencing related events now that we are in the shadow period of the Venus retrograde. You can purchase the Workshop Replay for $22 for insights to thrive through this important transit from July 22 to September 3. You will learn about Venus, retrogrades, potential news stories, and how it may impact your life. The astrology in action stories from participant readings were insightful. I did 17 mini-chart readings! Chat comments from attendees:

Thank you, Celeste you are wonderful and such a gift to the collective - Behroze

Love You soso much! Everything you do is magic, and we are all made more magical by proxy! - Anna

The Full Moon asks you to consider what you want to grow (Sun in Cancer) to achieve your goals and build a legacy (Moon in Capricorn). Do you have the faith that you can manifest the life you want? Can you release self-limitations and celebrate any wins?

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ Evaluate your work and home life balance. Do you need to make changes for a healthier, more abundant life?

🕊️  Consider your relationship with discipline and responsibility. Do you need more or less of either?

📚  Invitation to evaluate whether fear holds you back from actions to achieve your goals.

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is Work by Rihanna.

As a Cancer rising, the Sun is shining on my identity and sextiling my Taurus natal planets, bringing opportunities. My Taurus placements are in my 11th house of groups and organizations. Transiting expansive Jupiter will merge with my natal Sun Saturn conjunction explaining the multiple invitations to share my expertise. Uranus rules astrology and “fame.” It is conjunct with my communicative Mercury. Astrology is literal! The San Diego events are in person, and the others are virtual.

Moon Phase Families Lecture for the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) is on Sunday, July 9 at 12 pm PT. The event is free as ISAR is working on its new website and having technical difficulties. New Moon in Gemini square Neptune Pisces!

In-person Moon Phase Families Lecture for the San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS) is on Friday, July 14, at 7:30 pm in San Diego.

In-person Lunar Planning Workshop for the San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS) is on Saturday, July 15, at 10am PT in San Diego.

The Cancer New Moon Workshop is on Sunday, July 16, at 3 pm PT.

Eclipses Forecasting the Future Lecture for Synchronicity University is on Saturday, July 22, at 11 am PT.



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