Cleared for Takeoff

Get ready for forward motion! Action planet Mars finally turned direct at 8º Gemini (mutable air) on January 12, and this Wednesday, chatterbox Mercury goes direct at 8º Capricorn (cardinal earth). These two signs are quincunx, an irritation that needs adjustment. They have nothing in common by sign, modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), or element (fire, air, earth, water). This aspect moves us into new situations and requires releasing something. During my two-week vacation, I realized how much nonstop activity was exhausting me. I am thankful for numerous opportunities but decided to be more selective in 2023. I am just one person and cannot do it all.  

Last week two stories illustrated the connection between the two retrograde cycles.  

  • The FAA grounded all US flights for 90 minutes due to a computer glitch. Mars (actions) in Gemini (transportation) stationed on the Uranus (airplanes) of the USA. Mercury (communication) is in Capricorn, which...
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Finding Focus

Confusingly, the symbol for airy Aquarius is the water bearer. Air signs rule communication and mental processes. This cosmic water nourishes the mind rather than the physical body. Prominent Aquarius energy is often found in the natal charts of scientists, inventors, and thought leaders. They gather knowledge and provide the collective with new tools and information to evolve.

The Humanitarian and the Revolutionary are well-known archetypes. At their core, people who embody this energy want to make things better in the future than they are in the now. There is a quest to improve something. The shadow energy can leave destruction in its wake, or it can change the world for the better when light.

Aquarius rules the big picture. This New Moon at 12º Aquarius on Monday, January 31 at 9:45 pm PT, invites us to think outside a traditional box when we set our intentions. Consider your long-range goals, dreams, and innovative ideas. What do you desire? How can you be more engaged with...

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The Land of Milk and Honey is in Sight


Do you feel time accelerating? Well buckle up and expect the unexpected. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th features a six-planet pileup in this fixed air sign. There is a risk of feeling detached, scattered, and untethered. Remember to breathe and center yourself.

When there is a concentration in one element, bring in the others to balance yourself. Get into your earthly body with walks in nature or grounding by running your bare feet through the grass. Embrace the lifegiving force of fire by moving your chi. Do some heart pumping exercise, enjoy a great laugh or take a calculated risk. Nurture your water with meditation or just be still and listen to your body knowledge.

Mercury is retrograde so it is a good time to embrace the “re” words. Relax your mind, carefully review contracts, and reread any correspondence. Most of all, just slow down. The winged messenger is a trickster so save all your documents constantly while drafting them.

The planetary stars of...

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