Cleared for Takeoff

Get ready for forward motion! Action planet Mars finally turned direct at 8º Gemini (mutable air) on January 12, and this Wednesday, chatterbox Mercury goes direct at 8º Capricorn (cardinal earth). These two signs are quincunx, an irritation that needs adjustment. They have nothing in common by sign, modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), or element (fire, air, earth, water). This aspect moves us into new situations and requires releasing something. During my two-week vacation, I realized how much nonstop activity was exhausting me. I am thankful for numerous opportunities but decided to be more selective in 2023. I am just one person and cannot do it all.  

Last week two stories illustrated the connection between the two retrograde cycles.  

  • The FAA grounded all US flights for 90 minutes due to a computer glitch. Mars (actions) in Gemini (transportation) stationed on the Uranus (airplanes) of the USA. Mercury (communication) is in Capricorn, which rules government agencies (FAA). Many passengers missed meetings or vacation days. 
  • Retrogrades unearth things. President Joe Biden returned classified documents from 6+ years ago. Mars stationed on his Saturn. The documents (Mercury) were mishandled (Mars), and he will face the consequences (Saturn). Joe Biden is releasing the high road related to former President Trump’s classified document scandal. 

Air sign Aquarius turns your focus to the future. What is your big vision for your life? The sign is co-ruled by structured Saturn and chain breaker Uranus. These titans have been clashing since 2020. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, limitations, hardship, and earned achievement, finishes a 2+ year journey in this sign on March 7. The Great Awakener, Uranus, in Taurus, challenged you with unexpected twists, innovative ideas, and uncomfortable situations that pushed for change and growth. Which houses does Aquarius rule in your chart? Have you let go of restrictions that are no longer serving you? If not, there is still time before Saturn enters Pisces and the next phase of the work begins.  

Aquarius rules the collective. The Saturnian restrictions from the pandemic continue to loosen. 2023 will be a year of self-discovery. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23 and will remodel society over the next 20 years. Some of the changes will induce fear. How will you remain grounded and nurture hope in a sea of change? 

All planets are in direct motion from January 22 to April 21, it's go time! This New Moon is a powerful opportunity to cocreate your long-range goals in sync with the Universe. Join the New Moon Workshop this Thursday to learn more and get my insights on your natal chart.  

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:  

🥅 Consider your long-term vision. What do you want to achieve by the first quarter Moon on October 21? Be specific about how you will measure success. 

🎈 Review your commitments? What do you need to let go of to make space to achieve your big goals?  

🤔What lessons did you learn during the Mars and Mercury retrograde? What will you do differently? 

🎵 The song of the lunation is Good as Hell by Lizzo.  

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