Cleared for Takeoff

Get ready for forward motion! Action planet Mars finally turned direct at 8º Gemini (mutable air) on January 12, and this Wednesday, chatterbox Mercury goes direct at 8º Capricorn (cardinal earth). These two signs are quincunx, an irritation that needs adjustment. They have nothing in common by sign, modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), or element (fire, air, earth, water). This aspect moves us into new situations and requires releasing something. During my two-week vacation, I realized how much nonstop activity was exhausting me. I am thankful for numerous opportunities but decided to be more selective in 2023. I am just one person and cannot do it all.  

Last week two stories illustrated the connection between the two retrograde cycles.  

  • The FAA grounded all US flights for 90 minutes due to a computer glitch. Mars (actions) in Gemini (transportation) stationed on the Uranus (airplanes) of the USA. Mercury (communication) is in Capricorn, which...
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A Precarious Balance

To the delight of astrology meme makers, Mercury is in Gatorade again! People are most familiar with scheduling mishaps, exes in the DMs, missed meetings, and broken electronics because the planet rules communication and transportation. During the retrograde transit, the winged messenger appears to stop and move backward. It is an optical illusion, but as above, so below.

Due to the retrograde, Mercury in Libra opposes amplifying Jupiter in Aries three times. Jupiter makes everything bigger, and it governs royalty, wealth, and religion. The biggest story is the death of Queen Elizabeth. Mercury, stationed on her part of fortune, conjunct the fixed star Diadem aka the Crown star. The world paused and looked backward to review her life. You can watch my YouTube video on the astrology of her death chart if you are interested in the fascinating timing of the event.

The other big story is the Ukraine war turning in favor of the Ukrainians when their offensive took back Northern...

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