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The expansive and innovative Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is getting louder as we move closer to April 20, when it perfects. My story includes broadening (Jupiter) my reach by teaching astrology (Uranus). Astrology is literal; they meet on my natal communicative Mercury in my 11th house of groups and organizations. Jupiter brings opportunity, blesses, and broadens. First, I will teach parts of my Moon Mastery™ Program for Synchronicity University. I am honored and excited to collaborate again with the inspirational Nadiya Shah. Working with a large organization allows me to teach at a  lower price. You can purchase the 5-week course for as low as $5 a class before February 29. If you can afford more, please consider one of the other options to support my work. Stay tuned for additional announcements! Book an astrology consultation if you want to discuss my insights into how this transit may impact you. Alternatively, use the Ask Celeste a Burning Question service, and I will record a video for you.

Jupiter rules royalty, celebrities, religious leaders, and judges. Uranus brings shocks and surprises. It's been a rapper's delight. Nicki Minaj had a weekend-long meltdown about a new song from Megan thee Stallion. Police arrested Killer Mike after winning three Grammys because of a scuffle with a security guard. Jay-Z's truth-telling acceptance speech about racial prejudice shocked many. I expect Kanye West to make big news around the eclipses this spring. The highlight of the evening was the surprise duet of Fast Car between Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs. Mars was sextile Neptune in Pisces.  This song is about the fantasy of taking off in a car for a better life.

Taylor Swift announced that she will drop a new album on April 19. It is called Tortured Poet. Obsessive Pluto is conjunct her artistic Venus in Aquarius in her 3rd house of the mind. The crazy conspiracy theories about her being a government psychological weapon are disturbing. I hope one of the album songs excoriates the irresponsible people putting her life at greater risk. Both Mercury and the 3rd house govern communication and transportation. As the winged messenger connected with her Venus, her lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to a person who tracks her flights on social media.

The Palace announced King Charles's cancer diagnosis when Mercury met Pluto and tensely squared his bodily Taurus Moon. The Lord of the Underworld is transiting his 6th house of illness. Will he step down? The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is on Harry's natal Moon in his fourth house of family trine his natal Sun in the eighth house of death and anguish of the mind. He is psychologically confronting the potential death of his father. Looking at William's chart, he is undergoing a psychological evolution with the illness of his wife and father. Upheaval in a royal family is on brand. The Pope has also experienced health issues recently. 

Aquarius's job is to analyze systems and find innovative improvement solutions that bring equity.  It rules the future, groups, friends, technology, and revolutionaries. It is aligned with the breakdown of royalty structures that elevate people solely because of DNA.  Stay present for revelations and big news in the collective during this lunation because the New Moon tightly squares Uranus. Flexibility is critical as there may be many shocks and awes. I suggest avoiding power struggles and manipulative jabs around Valentine's Day. Mars will meet Pluto at 0° Aquarius on the 13th. Conflict can take on a life-or-death quality. Domestic violence stories may dominate the news. Make love, not war. It is also a month to watch out for taking on more than you can chew. Check the details because planner Mercury tensely squares big picture, Jupiter. Beware, the balls may start dropping if you are juggling too much. Most of all, Aquarius energy invites you to celebrate your unique, authentic self.

Purchase the replay of the New Moon Workshop to learn more about Aquarius energy and what this New Moon means for you. Use these prompts for journaling, oracle/ tarot card pulls, or contemplation.

✨ What innovative steps will propel your primary long-range goal forward? How will you measure success at the first quarter Aquarius Moon on November 8, 2024?
❤️ What do you value most in friends?
😯 How do you deal with the unexpected? Can you see surprise events as growth opportunities?
🎵 People Are People by Depeche Mode




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