The Land of Milk and Honey is in Sight


Do you feel time accelerating? Well buckle up and expect the unexpected. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th features a six-planet pileup in this fixed air sign. There is a risk of feeling detached, scattered, and untethered. Remember to breathe and center yourself.

When there is a concentration in one element, bring in the others to balance yourself. Get into your earthly body with walks in nature or grounding by running your bare feet through the grass. Embrace the lifegiving force of fire by moving your chi. Do some heart pumping exercise, enjoy a great laugh or take a calculated risk. Nurture your water with meditation or just be still and listen to your body knowledge.

Mercury is retrograde so it is a good time to embrace the “re” words. Relax your mind, carefully review contracts, and reread any correspondence. Most of all, just slow down. The winged messenger is a trickster so save all your documents constantly while drafting them.

The planetary stars of the year will collide in a square formation on February 17, June 14 and December 24. All are important days in the USA. President’s Day, Flag Day and Christmas Eve. The Impeachment is coinciding with the first meeting, but we are not done with DJT as the second rendezvous is his birthday.

Saturn rules boundaries, traditions, rules, authority, the government. The Lord of Discipline is transiting Aquarius - the sign of the collective, groups and humanitarian ideals. Uranus brings the lightning strike of sudden change, seismic shifts, revolutions, scientific discoveries, inventions, earthquakes and more. The Great Awakener currently resides in Taurus who oversees our resources including food, money, and land. The Insurrection at the Capitol, the Game Stop stock saga and the military coup in Myanmar all highlight the attempts of the rebel to break traditional structures.

Be prepared for potential widespread issues with the Internet, economic meltdowns and/ or medical breakthroughs. Take extra care of your nervous system which is ruled by Uranus. Stay centered and drink lots of water. Set a timer if you need a reminder.

The good news is that Venus and Jupiter are conjunct. The planet of love, harmony and money is sitting on our cosmic Santa Claus’s lap. Make New Moon wishes. Set intentions to move your vision forward. Abundance is within your reach! Times are still tough, but we are at the mountain top, look towards the future with optimism. The land of milk and honey is in sight.

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