Finding Focus

Confusingly, the symbol for airy Aquarius is the water bearer. Air signs rule communication and mental processes. This cosmic water nourishes the mind rather than the physical body. Prominent Aquarius energy is often found in the natal charts of scientists, inventors, and thought leaders. They gather knowledge and provide the collective with new tools and information to evolve.

The Humanitarian and the Revolutionary are well-known archetypes. At their core, people who embody this energy want to make things better in the future than they are in the now. There is a quest to improve something. The shadow energy can leave destruction in its wake, or it can change the world for the better when light.

Aquarius rules the big picture. This New Moon at 12º Aquarius on Monday, January 31 at 9:45 pm PT, invites us to think outside a traditional box when we set our intentions. Consider your long-range goals, dreams, and innovative ideas. What do you desire? How can you be more engaged with your friends and community?

Mercury retrograde brings some additional intensity during this lunation. The winged messenger recently rear-ended Pluto. Unearthed business or government secrets may headline the news. For some, the exposure will be more personal. Excavate your shadows to uncover what's holding you back from your goals. All planets are direct from February 4 to April 29. Don't miss this time window! This energy connects practicality with the dream. Make a plan and execute!

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