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The expansive and innovative Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is getting louder as we move closer to April 20, when it perfects. My story includes broadening (Jupiter) my reach by teaching astrology (Uranus). Astrology is literal; they meet on my natal communicative Mercury in my 11th house of groups and organizations. Jupiter brings opportunity, blesses, and broadens. First, I will teach parts of my Moon Mastery™ Program for Synchronicity University. I am honored and excited to collaborate again with the inspirational Nadiya Shah. Working with a large organization allows me to teach at a  lower price. You can purchase the 5-week course for as low as $5 a class before February 29. If you can afford more, please consider one of the other options to support my work. Stay tuned for additional announcements! Book an astrology consultation if you want to discuss my insights into how this transit may impact you. Alternatively, use the Ask Celeste a Burning Question...

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