Fertile Ground

Taurus energy invites us to solidify the foundations of what we are building and move forward methodically. Practical matters are in focus. Venus rules the sign of the bull. Money matters, sensual pleasures, and physical comfort may be top of mind. This lunation is a solar eclipse; it’s a time of fated changes. We walk through a door, and when we look behind us, there is a wall. There is no going back.

This intense activation at 10º Taurus on April 30 at 1:27 pm PT is in my 11th house of friends, groups, hopes, and dreams. The luminaries are conjunct my 12º Taurus Sun, so my natal excitation is strong. I already see parts of the story. I am traveling back east to visit childhood friends—some who I have not seen in over 20 years. I am excited and nervous as I am not sure about the reaction to my being an astrologer. We shall see; I must be authentically myself.

Starting a membership community is on my vision board. This week, I signed up for a course so that I...

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Unleash the Queen

The new moon at 12º Scorpio on November 4th at 2:14 pm PT officially launches eclipse season. Have you already experienced surprising beginnings or endings? These intense lunations are times of massive change that unfold over several months. To compound the feeling of standing on shifting sands, the Lightning bolt thrower, Uranus, faces off with the luminaries. Expect the unexpected on steroids! I am hosting two free webinars. Register here to learn more about these lunations.

Uranus not only brings sudden events but also awakens us to new possibilities. Like Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to give to man, the Universe may provide you with unexpected epiphanies. Stay open for revelations over the next month. Write them down whether they come through a dream or during the day. Claim your sovereignty.

Learn more about the signature of this lunation at my YouTube video here.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

Where do you invest your time,...

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Beauty and the Beast

Welcome to pumpkin spiced latte season! Airy Libra appreciates an elegant social event so make sure to add some time for fun and fellowship. With Mercury in retrograde the opportunity to reconnect with old friends is now. Make the call and set up a date!

Have you had any electronic glitches, mix-ups or mishaps?   My email melted down, my phone started talking to me unexpectedly and I came home with two bottles of Pinot Noir rather than Chardonnay by mistake in just the last few days. Monday’s massive Instagram outage ate my Astro & Oracle Live. Ugh! It was a good one.  Oh well. I would love to hear your stories, email me at [email protected]. The technical glitches aside, have you had any revelations on how you partner with others?

On the surface, the October 6th lunation looks energizing, but dark intensity lies beneath.  The New Moon at 13º Libra reports into possessive and passionate Venus in Scorpio. She is having a side...

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Protecting Treasure

The March 24, 2020 New Moon birthed the lunar phase family for this upcoming lunation. It also coincided with the seismic shift of our collective lives: social distancing. The entrance of restrictive Saturn in society ruling Aquarius shattered the myth of personal power and autonomy. How poetic that what began with an Aries New Moon culminates with a Pisces one. The Ram meets the Fish.

Watery Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. This Full Moon at 28º Pisces on September 20, 2021 at 4:54pm PT offers an opportunity to release any false narratives surrounding control. It is time to surrender. The alternative is the punishment of Sisyphus to push the rock up the hill continually and stand at the summit bewildered as the stone descends.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde from September 27 – October 18 invites us to review, revise, and rethink our closest relationships. The social restriction has provided ample time for all to reconsider our values and what we treasure.


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