Beauty and the Beast

Welcome to pumpkin spiced latte season! Airy Libra appreciates an elegant social event so make sure to add some time for fun and fellowship. With Mercury in retrograde the opportunity to reconnect with old friends is now. Make the call and set up a date!

Have you had any electronic glitches, mix-ups or mishaps?   My email melted down, my phone started talking to me unexpectedly and I came home with two bottles of Pinot Noir rather than Chardonnay by mistake in just the last few days. Monday’s massive Instagram outage ate my Astro & Oracle Live. Ugh! It was a good one.  Oh well. 😭I would love to hear your stories, email me at [email protected]. The technical glitches aside, have you had any revelations on how you partner with others?

On the surface, the October 6th lunation looks energizing, but dark intensity lies beneath.  The New Moon at 13º Libra reports into possessive and passionate Venus in Scorpio. She is having a side conversation with Pluto, the ruler of our psychological shadows. Choose sexy over manipulation. Ask for what you want. Being clear will help prevent intellectual power plays and love becoming a battlefield.

Learn more about the signature of this lunation here.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

💌 How can I release the past to improve my current relationships?

🍎 What is my connection with the word no? Are my boundaries healthy? If not, how can I strengthen them?

⚖️ What actions will create more balance in my life?

🧲 Embrace the law of attraction. What will I call in?

We are on the precipice of eclipse season.  Book a New Beginnings or Deeper Dive reading for insight into the coming changes.

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