Unleash the Queen

The new moon at 12º Scorpio on November 4th at 2:14 pm PT officially launches eclipse season. Have you already experienced surprising beginnings or endings? These intense lunations are times of massive change that unfold over several months. To compound the feeling of standing on shifting sands, the Lightning bolt thrower, Uranus, faces off with the luminaries. Expect the unexpected on steroids! I am hosting two free webinars. Register here to learn more about these lunations.

Uranus not only brings sudden events but also awakens us to new possibilities. Like Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to give to man, the Universe may provide you with unexpected epiphanies. Stay open for revelations over the next month. Write them down whether they come through a dream or during the day. Claim your sovereignty.

Learn more about the signature of this lunation at my YouTube video here.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

🕰️ Where do you invest your time, money, and energy? What can you release to make space for growth?

👑 Describe your throne. Do you own your power? If not, what steps will reclaim it?

👻 Examine the shadows. What is your relationship to shame, secrecy, or resentment?

🔥 Embrace intimacy. Mark your calendar to practice the art of seduction.

Join me every Sunday at 9:30 am PT and Monday at 11:00 am PT on Instagram Live. Discussion of the astrology of current events, insights on the Moon phases, and oracle card guidance for the week.

With love and light,


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