A Precarious Balance

To the delight of astrology meme makers, Mercury is in Gatorade again! People are most familiar with scheduling mishaps, exes in the DMs, missed meetings, and broken electronics because the planet rules communication and transportation. During the retrograde transit, the winged messenger appears to stop and move backward. It is an optical illusion, but as above, so below.

Due to the retrograde, Mercury in Libra opposes amplifying Jupiter in Aries three times. Jupiter makes everything bigger, and it governs royalty, wealth, and religion. The biggest story is the death of Queen Elizabeth. Mercury, stationed on her part of fortune, conjunct the fixed star Diadem aka the Crown star. The world paused and looked backward to review her life. You can watch my YouTube video on the astrology of her death chart if you are interested in the fascinating timing of the event.

The other big story is the Ukraine war turning in favor of the Ukrainians when their offensive took back Northern territory. The smallest planet opposite the biggest one has a David vs. Goliath feel. I hope they keep the momentum going and banish the Russian invaders before October 2, when Mercury turns direct.

My personal experience is that this transit is full of frustrations. Most notably, my housekeeper accidentally put my gas range in Sabbath mode, a religious setting, which rendered it inoperable. I had to find the manual online and waste an hour figuring out how to get it working again. As I write this, the typically excellent Internet service in my condo building is down, so I am using my hotspot.

The tense square between tradition-loving Saturn and chaotic revolutionary Uranus is also tightening. It won't become exact again, but the abrupt breaking down of structures people depend on will continue for the next couple of months. Last weekend's astrology transits were bonkers as oceanic Neptune joined the party. Alaska experienced extensive flooding, Puerto Rico lost power to the entire island, and Japan had a shelter-in-place order for 10 million people due to storms. Will the world take climate change seriously before it's too late?

Air sign Libra is represented by the scales and rules relationships. People with strong Libra signatures are skilled negotiators and gifted diplomats. They advocate for fairness, harmony, and balance. This lunation is sexy and potent. With Mercury still retrograde, it's a great time to innovate how you approach your partnerships for better success. If you have big goals, don't miss the opportunity to harness this cycle, as there is a primal flow of determination available. Join Sunday's Setting Intentions Workshop to dive deep. If you are unavailable, you will receive the recording.

Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:

❤️ What is one long-range goal to improve my relationships? How will I measure success at the first quarter Libra Moon on June 26, 2023?

⚖️ How can I bring more balance into my life?

💌 Write a love note to three people to express how they have enriched my life.

🤓 Do I have a sabotaging compulsion to be liked? How does it harm me?

For additional information about Libra energy, listen to the Celestial Insights podcast. It is available wherever you listen.

With love and light,


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