Wash Me Clean

The Aquarius lunation cycle began on January 21, with Venus and Saturn embraced in the sign. Did you end, encounter hardships, or successfully overcome challenges related to love, beauty, or relationships? Did making new commitments require you to forsake some others? I changed my hair stylist to save money, had my last appointment with my Invisalign orthodontist, and decided that I may eliminate alcohol. Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy wine, but I joined the Alcohol Experiment for dry January. When I began drinking again, I had an epiphany that I no longer enjoyed the buzzed feeling. The conjunction squared my natal intoxicating Neptune in the fifth house of pleasure. Stopping drinking is on brand for this transit. We shall see if it is permanent.  


During the Leo Full Moon, Uranus in Taurus squared the luminaries on a world point bringing high visibility to dramatic, disruptive, and shocking events. A few of the stories that stood out include: 

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