So Long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn Goodbye Felicia


We have come full circle as the year of our discontent ends. The previous Cancer Full Moon was the Jan 10th lunar eclipse. It occurred two days before the planetary Lords of Karma (Saturn) and the Underworld (Pluto) met on a world point signaling permanent changes to global structures. Thankfully, the energy shifted last week on the winter solstice with a deep breath of fresh Aquarian air for the collective.  I am loving the lighter energy. The pandemic is not over but the evolutionary story has turned a page.  I have hope for the future that we will harness the greater good side of the water bearer.

 On Tuesday, Dec 29th, the Full Moon is at home in the nurturing and watery sign of Cancer. The crab rules the home, roots, and our most private selves. The energy is soft and supportive, we can just lean into our feelings. There are several subtle conversations between our planetary teachers that lend to transformational healing.  It is a good time to grieve what...

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