Summer of Love

Are you ready for a reset?  On Sunday, the summer solstice marked a time of new energy.  I loved the harmonious water trio in the sky between the Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Pisces Jupiter. Use this energy for visioning, inspiration, and healing.  The caution is letting emotional waves overwhelm you. Get outside in nature if you start to feel the blues or rage brewing. Follow the sign of the Moon for additional insight into your mood shifts as the Sun reports into our costume-changing lunar teacher until July 22.  She has a new attitude every 2.5 days.

Get ready to party as the Summer of Love 2021 is here. Mars and Venus, the planets of romance and desire, meet for the first time in two years in fiery and fun Leo on July 13.  There is a call to joy but use your good sense. You may want to say no to any invite that includes the word rave, wild or massive, as Uranus, the planet of chaos, is bringing it. Be especially careful on July 4 as the Taurus Moon activates the Saturn Uranus square. Crowds may go haywire, and some will have scars as permanent reminders. Proceed into the fall with no regrets by listening to your inner voice.

The Full Moon on June 24 at 3 heralds the official “end” of an emotionally intense eclipse season. Structure-loving and ambitious Saturn rules Capricorn. This lunation is part of a gestational lunar family that began with a solar eclipse on Christmas Day in 2019. Did you have any big aha moments or changes about public persona or vocational aspirations around the first quarter moon on September 23, 2020? Any insights on your view on authority? Personally, that was the week I embraced my commitment to drop my cape. I stopped saying yes to work requests when I knew I was stretched too thin. I had a huge aha moment - my desire for approval and adulation fueled overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion. I just started saying no. Now I celebrate that first step as the full Moon illuminates my progress over the last nine months. Suggestions to make the most of the solstice and full Moon.

🔙 Review the goals you set at the beginning of 2021. Where are you now?

🎉 Celebrate any wins, no matter how small. Share the good news.

🎛️ Make needed adjustments and mark your calendar for May 24, 2022. The third-quarter Moon will bring rewards for hard work or consequences for shirked responsibilities.

📔 Prompt for journaling, oracle cards or contemplation: What do I want to manifest over the next nine months?

I am on vacation at my Disneyland, Rancho la Puerta, so no video this week. Book an astrology reading to make the most of the summer.

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