The Release

The Full Moon at 7º Scorpio on Monday, Apr 26th brings echoes of the past. It is a Supermoon and will look massive in the night sky as it is as close as it gets to earth. The mirror for self-reflection is huge.  

As always, the luminaries oppose each other at the culmination of their cycle. This lunar activation brings the Sun to the hot degree of 7º Taurus where Uranus, the Great Awakener, stood during the Saturn Uranus square of Feb 17th.  Have you made the changes to structures that no longer serve you?  Use the illumination to see your progress clearly. Celebrate any small steps forward. There is no need for judgment. Give yourself grace and forgive any lack of progress. 

The sign of the phoenix invites you to examine your shadow and uproot difficult experiences. Take a trip down to the basement and transmute the pain into healing. The gentle energy of Taurus provides loving support to do so.

The action planet, Mars, entered watery Cancer and now...

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