Alien Superstar

I am thrilled that Mercury retrograde ends on Friday.  My apologies for this week's Celestial Insights podcast.  Vesta was at 29 Gemini, not Leo.  I hope you understood the context. I recorded on the day Jupiter stationed retrograde while trining the trickster transiting my third house of communication. Jupiter is more focused on the big picture than the details.  Despite listening back, I did not catch my error. Yikes!

As we blaze back over the path that Venus in Leo has traversed for the third time, I am still unpacking her retrograde through Leo. Venus rules beauty, pleasure, money, women, and relationships.  Fiery Leo is a joyful, expressive, and creative sign. Retrogrades bring delays, reversals, and the collapse of anything contemplated. It was a loud transit and events will continue to unfold until Venus enters Virgo on October 8. 

  • When Venus entered fiery Leo on June 5, it opposed Pluto at 0 Aquarius, both at a critical degree....
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A Woman's Worth


International Women’s Day is on March 8. How perfect that this celebration falls the day after the Virgo Full Moon. High road Virgo energy is the Priestess archetype. An intuitive healer, wisdom keeper, and spiritual leader secure in her sexuality. At this lunation, the Moon conjuncts the asteroid Lilith. In the Hebrew tradition, she was Adam’s first wife who refused to be subservient and left him/ was banished from the garden of Eden. She is associated with releasing repressed anger, lust, and what men fear about women’s sexuality. I expect untamed women to make the news this week. Harness the tarot’s 9 of Pentacles energy, a woman grateful for the abundance in her life and confident in her ability to manifest her dreams.

Virgo energy is an invitation to bring order to chaos. Consider what you can release to declutter your physical environment, organize your schedule and improve your health. The Full Moon squares action-oriented Mars in Gemini. Also,...

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New Perspectives

The Mars, Uranus, and North Node pileup at 18º Taurus at the beginning of the month certainly delivered on its promise of surprising, chaotic, and impactful events. For some, the following week’s Mars t-bone into Saturn in Aquarius brought hardship, dealings with authorities, and other restrictions. Some of the notable news stories included: 

  • Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan instigated an international crisis.  
  • A series of earthquakes and a spectacular volcanic eruption in Iceland. 
  • Anne Heche died after her reckless driving led to a fiery crash into a woman’s home.  
  • The FBI searched Donald Trump’s residence to retrieve classified documents. The contents are rumored to include top secret information on the USA’s nuclear program. 
  • A nuclear fusion breakthrough was confirmed. It is a significant scientific advancement of Uranian proportions. 
  • President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. It...
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