New Perspectives

The Mars, Uranus, and North Node pileup at 18º Taurus at the beginning of the month certainly delivered on its promise of surprising, chaotic, and impactful events. For some, the following week’s Mars t-bone into Saturn in Aquarius brought hardship, dealings with authorities, and other restrictions. Some of the notable news stories included: 

  • Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan instigated an international crisis.  
  • A series of earthquakes and a spectacular volcanic eruption in Iceland. 
  • Anne Heche died after her reckless driving led to a fiery crash into a woman’s home.  
  • The FBI searched Donald Trump’s residence to retrieve classified documents. The contents are rumored to include top secret information on the USA’s nuclear program. 
  • A nuclear fusion breakthrough was confirmed. It is a significant scientific advancement of Uranian proportions. 
  • President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. It includes sweeping legislation to impact climate change and protect Earth, our most precious resource. 

Are you ready for a reprieve from the intensity? Mercurial Virgo is mutable earth energy. The Winged Messenger rules our mental processes and communication. How has your perspective changed over the last month? Do you feel more flow rather than tension with changes in your life? 

I suggest setting intentions that improve your health and daily life at the New Moon. It forms an exact square to Mars in Gemini, so you may feel an internal push to make changes. Connecting with an accountability partner will help you stay focused and committed to your goals. Download the Setting Intentions with the Moon Phases Ebook for guidance. 

Examine the routines of your daily life during your New Moon ritual. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Some prompts for journaling, oracle cards, or contemplation:  

 🍎 What is one long-range goal to improve your health? How will you assess your progress at the first quarter Virgo Moon on May 27, 2023? 

🛎️ How can I be of service to my family, community, and the collective?  

🌻 What will transform some of my mundane routines into sacred rituals?  

🎶 Embody the Priestess archetype. The song of the New Moon is I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston.  

For additional information about Virgo energy, listen to the Celestial Insights podcast.   

Want to learn more about how to understand your subconscious drives and reactivity? Sign up for one of the free, informative, and interactive Moon Mastery™ Webinars! Feel free to invite your astrology-curious friends. I enjoy meeting you in person on Zoom. Some participants will have a chance for my hot takes on their natal chart. Register at

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