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I am thrilled that Mercury retrograde ends on Friday.  My apologies for this week's Celestial Insights podcast.  Vesta was at 29 Gemini, not Leo.  I hope you understood the context. I recorded on the day Jupiter stationed retrograde while trining the trickster transiting my third house of communication. Jupiter is more focused on the big picture than the details.  Despite listening back, I did not catch my error. Yikes!

As we blaze back over the path that Venus in Leo has traversed for the third time, I am still unpacking her retrograde through Leo. Venus rules beauty, pleasure, money, women, and relationships.  Fiery Leo is a joyful, expressive, and creative sign. Retrogrades bring delays, reversals, and the collapse of anything contemplated. It was a loud transit and events will continue to unfold until Venus enters Virgo on October 8. 

  • When Venus entered fiery Leo on June 5, it opposed Pluto at 0 Aquarius, both at a critical degree....
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