Sync with the Moon in 2022! Purchase your Digital Calendar today.

I am excited to collaborate with Wise Skies Collective! This calendar is a game-changing tool for anyone who desires a deeper connection with the Moon.  Want to know her zodiac signs and moon phases to pick optimal times for activities? Just look at your phone or desktop calendar. You will also receive simple lunar wisdom. Buy for yourself or as a gift. I LOVE IT!

The investment is $20 when you use my coupon code: CELESTE15.  It is compatible with iOS, Google Calendar, Android, Mac, any phone, laptop, or device, and updates the time as you travel to different time zones! Install in minutes. 

You will receive 3 files -  A moon calendar,  planetary transits calendar, and a void of course moon calendar. Install one or all three. Email [email protected] with any questions.


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New Moon Guidance – Begin Again

Do you feel yourself releasing things from your life? Relationships, habits, commitments, or other things that no longer serve you may beckon an exit.  It is a time of endings. The Pisces Moon is in her balsamic phase. The last sign of the zodiac meets the last phase of the lunar cycle. Listen to your inner wisdom and resist the urge to cling to the comfortable.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, invites us to be self-focused, courageous and action oriented.  From late Friday until Monday morning, our sky is ablaze with fire as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus party hearty in Aries. Do not miss the opportunity for joy, inspiration, and exuberance.

The caution is to look before you leap. The collective energy of the ego, emotional body, intellect, and pleasure seeking are all reporting to Mars, the action planet, in the changeable and fickle sign of Gemini.  There is a risk of regrettable impulsive decisions as the energy urges us to act. Keep in mind that loose...

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