Organized Chaos

Pisces season is a time for introspection, slowing down, and releasing. Water signs are mute. Allow yourself to get quiet to hear the voice within. I am teaching a five-week Moon Mastery™ course for Synchronicity University. I love the school’s business model of charging a low price and providing astrology education to thousands of students. Join me for as low as $5 a class. If you want to deepen your connection with your subconscious for self-understanding and to receive tools to manifest a life of more ease, join me.

Celestial Insights Podcast listeners know that I forecast a big event would likely occur in the USA during the First Quarter Moon phase between Feb 16 and 23. The Moon at 27° Taurus was conjunct fixed star Algol, the beheading star, square the Sun at 27° Aquarius. Multiple ancient cultures noted that catastrophes occurred when Algol was activated. The amplifying North Node was on this star when the Ukraine war began. It is also associated with...

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The Recipe is Reciprocity


The Sun, Venus, and Neptune are traversing the expansive, watery sign of Pisces for this lumination. We are called to embrace love and compassion for ourselves and others. As we approach the anniversary of the first lockdown, take stock of your mental and physical health. If adjustments are needed, it is a good time to make them.

The Sabian symbol calls for big dreams for the future. Mercury (the mind) and Jupiter (expansion) are having a beautiful conversation with the North Node (where we are headed). Have an optimistic view of the future.

The Full Moon in Virgo also calls for a decluttering. Consider an early spring cleaning. What is taking up space in your life unnecessarily? Is it useless stuff, critical self-talk, or oppressive self-imposed obligations? Use this energy to release what no longer serves you. For a deeper discussion of the Full Moon in Virgo and guidance for each sign, check out my YouTube video.

With love and light,

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