Organized Chaos

Pisces season is a time for introspection, slowing down, and releasing. Water signs are mute. Allow yourself to get quiet to hear the voice within. I am teaching a five-week Moon Mastery™ course for Synchronicity University. I love the school’s business model of charging a low price and providing astrology education to thousands of students. Join me for as low as $5 a class. If you want to deepen your connection with your subconscious for self-understanding and to receive tools to manifest a life of more ease, join me.

Celestial Insights Podcast listeners know that I forecast a big event would likely occur in the USA during the First Quarter Moon phase between Feb 16 and 23. The Moon at 27° Taurus was conjunct fixed star Algol, the beheading star, square the Sun at 27° Aquarius. Multiple ancient cultures noted that catastrophes occurred when Algol was activated. The amplifying North Node was on this star when the Ukraine war began. It is also associated with Medusa and Lilith mythology. What men fear about women with empowered sexuality and punishing women for the lust of men are themes. Reverend Bobby of North Carolina gave a charming sermon about how he would acquit a rapist if the victim were wearing shorts. He said it last August during Venus retrograde, but the comments went viral this week.

The natal Moon of the USA Sibley chart is at 27° Aquarius in the 3rd house of communication. The Moon rules the people of a country. Three events have had a vast impact on Americans this week:

  • The Alabama Court ruled that frozen embryos are children last week. Venus rules fertility, and Mars severs and separates. As the two planets met this week, multiple fertility clinics in the state have suspended operations to avoid potential legal exposure. This ruling is devastating for families struggling with infertility. The Handmaid’s Tale creeps closer and closer.
  • AT&T experienced a 12-hour cell phone outage, impacting over 70,000 customers on Thursday with Mercury at 29° Aquarius. The last degree of the sign is one of crisis and decay. Mercury rules all forms of communication and Aquarius masses of people. At this point, we do not know if it was a cyber-attack.
  • Nationwide, Pharmacies were hit by a cyber-attack. Virgo rules health. The Sun is in Pisces, which rules drugs. This weekend, many people are having problems filling out their prescriptions. Astrology is literal.

The cellular network and pharmacy disruptions concern me, as a massive cyber-attack may be in motion and part of this eclipse season. Pay close attention to the news this week. Wednesday could be a day when we realize how serious the problem is or there is another event. Hopefully, the government will get it under control quickly. The solar eclipse in Aries is visible across the USA on April 8. Consider stocking up on essentials in case there is disruption. A big problem could also come in the fall around the election.

Earthly Virgo’s job is to bring order to chaos. Get organized and declutter your physical surroundings as well as your mind. I suggest backing up your computer, keeping your car gassed up, and being extra diligent about protecting your data. Discuss plans with your loved ones about what you would do in an emergency where cell phones or the power grid go down for a while. Prepare for the worst and expect the best.

This zodiac sign also governs health, routines, and rituals that sustain the physical temple. Long-time subscribers know I love ProLon, the 5-day fast mimicking diet. I am an affiliate, and my coupon code is 10CELESTE. It helped me ditch 20 pounds of relentlessly stubborn weight with the cellular cleanup and metabolism wakeup. At the beginning, I followed the clinically recommended approach (monthly for three months) and now use it twice a year to maintain my weight loss. It is not for everyone, but I love how it exercises my discipline and resets my metabolism.

Use these prompts for journaling, tarot/ oracle card spreads, or contemplation.

✨ Which routines and rituals in my life are no longer serving me? What steps will I take to release, adjust, or replace them?

🦁 Which productivity tools will help me bring order to any chaos?   

👁️‍🗨️ Create a mantra to calm yourself when life gets stressful.

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer.





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