A Little Tenderness

Venus retrograde over-delivered for many with delays, reversals, and collapses of anything contemplated around love, money, celebrations, and values. I am still dealing with the tax board about the missing form. It is a minor but irritating frustration. Mercury entered the retrograde dance last week, and I traveled to a wedding (Venus) in Mexico. Instagram followers and podcast listeners know I was nervous about the trip as the winged messenger is the trickster. Due to a communication mistake, we took the wrong travel route and missed our flight due to the massive traffic at the border crossing. Astrology prepared me. I purchased a more expensive ticket, knowing with my natal chart there was a significant probability of problems. Mercury is reversing through my third house of short trips, and oppressive Saturn is retrograde in my ninth house of long-distance travel. Colette at Southwest Airlines helped the four of us rebook later flights and get home the same evening. Thank you, Colette!! I will discuss double retrograde stories on my Instagram Live today at 9. a.m. PT. You can catch the replay or next week's podcast if you miss it live.

I finally accomplished my goal of updating my services page on my website. Retrogrades slow but do not need to stop us.

- Mini-astrology consultation for when you need guidance on a specific issue.

- Astrology consultation tailored to your goals. We can discuss your natal promise, past events, current circumstances, and how the upcoming cosmic energies may impact you. I aim to bring awareness, hold space, inspire, ground, and prepare you.

-Astrology consultation and oracle card reading, where I combine my gifts of astrology knowledge and intuitive skills. Your guides will come through.

- Ask a Burning Question, and I will record a video for you. I use astrology and oracle cards. This service is for privacy, time or cost-conscious individuals.

I also offer couples consultations, mentoring, and extended coaching.

Pisces is mutable water.  It is easy to feel emotionally overwhelmed by the chaos surrounding us. Can you focus on what you can control and accept what you cannot? Practise surrender. The Full Moon is conjunct depressive Saturn in watery Pisces. Meteorologists expect Hurricane Idalia to bring destruction to Floridians. Many people are dealing with natural disasters, relationship disillusionment, money problems, health concerns, or a crisis of faith.  Please check on anyone who has depressive episodes or is experiencing a hard time. Can you tame criticism and lead with compassion? Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about the astrology.  

The Virgo Sun asks you to consider your health, routines, rituals, and acts of service. The Moon in Pisces invites walking by faith and not by sight. Can you trust your intuition, stay present for divine signals, and work to build a prosperous future?  Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads: 

 Consider how exercising discipline on self-sabotaging habits or negative thought patterns will improve physical and mental health.

🎁 Do you have a lack mentality? Practice reframing how you speak to yourself for an abundance mindset.  

🕊️  What is your relationship with your intuition? Do you trust your inner voice? 

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is Strength, Courage, and Wisdom by India Arie.  

The Virgo New Moon Workshop is on Thursday, August 13, at pm PT. Join me to learn about the lunation, receive guidance for intention setting, and connect with other spiritual adventurers.  I will do as many astrology readings as possible. 





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