Whether you're looking for a new deck of cards or your next read, Celeste has a curated list of her favorites for you here.

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Ā Products Celeste Loves

Ā The Astrology Software CelesteĀ Uses

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Wise Skies 2024 Digital Calendar

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Astrology Flash Cards

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Birthdate Candle

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Recommended Astrology Books for Beginners

The Stars Within You

A well written and easily digestible book for anyone new to astrology. This practical guide is a tool for self-exploration. combination.

The Rising Sign

Learn more about your personality and the way others view you. This book offers a comprehensive overview of each rising sign.

Astrology for Real Relationships

A modern and practical guide to help you improve your relationships.

Celeste's Favorite Moon Books


Advice for tuning into the lunar cycles. Includes guidance for new and full moon rituals.

The Book of the Moon

Nerd out of the astronomy and astrology of the moon and her eight lunar phases.

Astrology of the Moon

A complete overview of the natal and progressed moon through the zodiac signs and the houses. Intermediate.

New Moon Astrology

A comprehensive guide offering practical and lyrical guidance for manifesting with the moon cycles.

Astrology for the Soul

Discover your hidden talents, your deepest desires, and the ways you can avoid negative influences that may distract you from achieving your true life purpose.

Lunar Shadows III

For the advanced student or professional. Learn how life events are seeded at eclipses and develop into predictable, interlinking moon phases.

Celeste's Favorite Oracle Decks

Wisdom of the Oracle

A wonderful tool to tap into your subconscious mind. It is diverse, beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated.

Queen of the Moon Oracle

Deepen your connection with our lunar teacher. Gorgeous illustrations and timeless wisdom.

Oracle of Mystical Moments

Beautiful cards full of delightful surprises and vintage charm. The guidebook messages are powerful and enlightening.

Crystal Spirits Oracle

When ever you need a cosmic hug and wise advice delivered with love, this is the deck to use. A favorite!

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

An illumination of the revelatory power the ancient, universal symbols that reside deep in our shared psyche.

The Soul's Journey Lessons Cards

Celeste pulls a weekly card to stay focused. The message is always just what she needs to hear.

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

Based on the mythology of ancient Britain's isle of Avalon, these cards provide powerful insight.

The Akashic Tarot

The accuracy of this deck is stunning. Celeste does an annual 21 card reading and watches it unfold with awe.

The Shaman's Dream Oracle

A vibrantly illustrated oracle that taps into the shamanic dream world of archetypes and symbolic consciousness.

The Modern Witch Tarot

Traditional tarot symbols combine with diverse bodies, and a modern twist. Celeste adores this deck!

The One Card Tarot Journal

Picking a daily card for insight changed Celeste's life. She recommends it to her clients and students. 

Suggested Books for Astrology Writers

The Archetypal Universe

A masterful and lyrical examination of the planetary pairs. A must for an astrological writer.

The Rulership Book

This directory of astrological correspondences is a must have resource for any astrological writer.

Keywords for Astrology 

An excellent instruction manual of astrological concepts and interpretation. Wonderful reference manual.

Celeste's Favorite Advanced Astrology Books

Predictive Astrology

A must have resource for any astrology enthusiast who wants to provide concrete details on what to expect with upcoming transits.

Planets in Transit

Invaluable psychological insights. This book deliniates all major transits.

Star and Planet Combinations

A comprehensive listing of the meaning of every star when combined with all the planets and nodal axis, for natal as well as predictive use.

Planets in Solar Returns

Everything you need to know about interpreting solar return charts.

Astrology Really Works

Incredible research on the aspects found in the charts of super successful people and companies.

The Key to Success in Love and Money

Celeste finds their work on the meaning of Chiron in the chart for love and career spot on.