Reality Bites

How perfect that the last Full Moon of the zodiac calendar year is in analytical Virgo. It is time to examine our daily routines, habits, and rituals with a critical eye. Separate the wheat from the chaff for a fresh start before charging into Aries season. As always, celebrate any wins, no matter how small. The Pisces Sun encourages acceptance and forgiveness for any missed goals. Stay grounded as the activation with Neptune can lead us into fantasy. Keep it whimsical rather than escapist or fear-inducing.

Personally, I have daily habits that need adjusting. My big goal is to stop catering to my natal Venus and Mars in Gemini by venturing off task with distractions from shiny objects. Squirrel!! Also, my Taurus Sun and Cancer rising enjoy self-indulgence. However, initial success on the journey to tame that beast is mine! Since starting metabolism-boosting ProLon last fall, I am down 17 pounds and feeling myself. Yes, I am! Check out my affiliate link if you want to try this...

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