The Love Within

The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer. This sign has dominion over home, family, foundations, and ancestry. We first learn about love from our families. The Full Moon at 27º Cancer on January 17 at 3:48 pm PT invites us to explore our relationship with self-love. If we don’t nourish ourselves, how can we express healthy love for anyone else? The Full Moon’s engagement with primal Pluto offers self-empowerment to examine the shadows with a goal of healing.

Venus in Capricorn is still retrograde until January 29, so reflection on our relationships and values is on the cosmic menu. Mercury in Aquarius begins his backstep on Friday, February 14. This cycle could be especially mischievous since Uranus, the ruler of electronics, is stopped from our perspective during the Full Moon. The station period intensifies the chaotic energy of the still active Saturn Uranus square. Unexpected breakdowns and frustrations are possible. You know the drill. Don’t rush...

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