The Crescendo

The central theme of this fall's eclipse season is the transformation of love and business relationships. We walk through a door, and when we look behind us, there is a wall. This time brings fated turning points. The most sensational story is watching Kanye West torch his wealth and status with vitriolic commentary. He has Mercury, the planet of communication, on the feared" beheading" fixed star Algol. He has wielded his verbal sword for many years at other people. This time, it boomeranged and took him out. Transit Mars in Gemini, fighting words, is the drumbeat below his story. It entered the air sign back in August for an extended Gilligan's Island-style stay until March 2023. Mars energizes, stimulates, and motivates. It also cuts and severs.

Kanye is a Gemini Sun and a Pisces Moon. Geminis are here to communicate, Pisces to feel. At the highest level, the combination bestows an individual with the ability to express deep emotions poetically. Perfect for a world-renowned...

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