The Crescendo

The central theme of this fall's eclipse season is the transformation of love and business relationships. We walk through a door, and when we look behind us, there is a wall. This time brings fated turning points. The most sensational story is watching Kanye West torch his wealth and status with vitriolic commentary. He has Mercury, the planet of communication, on the feared" beheading" fixed star Algol. He has wielded his verbal sword for many years at other people. This time, it boomeranged and took him out. Transit Mars in Gemini, fighting words, is the drumbeat below his story. It entered the air sign back in August for an extended Gilligan's Island-style stay until March 2023. Mars energizes, stimulates, and motivates. It also cuts and severs.

Kanye is a Gemini Sun and a Pisces Moon. Geminis are here to communicate, Pisces to feel. At the highest level, the combination bestows an individual with the ability to express deep emotions poetically. Perfect for a world-renowned musical artist! His Sun is conjunct Jupiter and opposite Neptune creating a tense and erratic t-square with his Moon. This chart pattern illuminates the god complex and lack of self-control. Mars is adding a chainsaw to the mix and careening wildly now that the red planet reverses backward through the zodiac until January 12. Like clockwork, on the day of the solar eclipse opposite his Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus, Adidas announced the Scorpionic death of his most lucrative partnership. Eclipses bring nonnegotiable changes, and he will never recover his former status. When Mars enters watery Cancer, I expect he will look back on the disastrous and fiery road to catastrophe and wonder how he got there.

On a bright note, many are in the early stages of new relationships. When someone or something new enters our life, we must clear space. The lunar eclipse is conjunct the cosmic guillotine, freedom-loving Uranus. Use it to permanently let go of what is no longer serving you. It is not all gloom and doom. Be prepared for happy surprises and unexpected delights. I hope Americans are motivated to get out and vote at the November 8 midterms! The Moon rules fertility and it's in a smooth trine to Ceres, the asteroid of motherhood. There may be a pink wave of feminine rage. Expect the unexpected.

Earthly Taurus invites us to simplify and enjoy life. Consider a 5 day map to delight your five senses. Treat yourself to fragrant flowers, a relaxing massage, tasty culinary experience, music event and an art experience before the year ends. Check out the Celestial Insights podcast for more on the astrology of this fated lunation.

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ Scorpio season is a great time to purge. What material things can you donate or sell? Release what does not "spark joy".

❤️ Am I having enough physical pleasure? What can I do to delight my five senses?

💰 Assess your relationship with financial abundance. Take small steps to save more and build your wealth.

🎵 The song of the lunar eclipse is "La Vie en Rose" by Dee Dee Bridgewater.

I created an Eclipse Video Series to help you to understand the unfolding of your eclipse season story. It includes a 60-minute in-depth video and a 15-minute video forecast, including an oracle card reading for each Zodiac sign. It is on sale now for $12.




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