Decolonize Your Mind

We are in the proverbial eye of the storm as eclipses bring permanent changes in our lives.  For some, they will land like a snowflake and others a blizzard. Lunar eclipses are more emotional rather than physical.  There is nothing to fear.  Listen to your inner voice. These intense lunations are on the axis of information. What have you learned over the last 14 months about beliefs you held and assumed were facts?  Today’s lunar eclipse in Sagittarius calls to assess the new information you have gathered and release the old story.

This season coincides with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The winged messenger rules communication, electronics, schedules, and agreements.  It’s a time to slow down, arrive early at appointments, and triple-check your work.  Old stories will come to light for you to examine and integrate with the new wisdom you have gained.  It is for your highest good.  Personally, the trickster started toying with me...

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