Ode to Joy


Mercury, the planet that rules communication, transportation, commerce, and our thought processes, is the star of the show at this New Moon. As it travels through responsible Capricorn, your attention may turn to topics including duty, ambition, hard work, and achievement. The winged messenger is essentially stopped in the sky during the New Moon as it turns retrograde and optically appears to slow down, stop, and then reverse backward through the zodiac from December 12 to January 1. Most people know about the scheduling delays, communication mix-ups, and travel mishaps that arise during Mercury retrograde. Reversals, reoccurrences of previous situations, and the collapse of anything contemplated are also on brand. 

I love that this transit brings mistakes to our attention. I mistakenly used the wrong hour for the Pope's chart and made an error in the last blog. I did this on the day Mercury squared Neptune, the planet of confusion. Neptune stationed direct in a square...

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