Ode to Joy


Mercury, the planet that rules communication, transportation, commerce, and our thought processes, is the star of the show at this New Moon. As it travels through responsible Capricorn, your attention may turn to topics including duty, ambition, hard work, and achievement. The winged messenger is essentially stopped in the sky during the New Moon as it turns retrograde and optically appears to slow down, stop, and then reverse backward through the zodiac from December 12 to January 1. Most people know about the scheduling delays, communication mix-ups, and travel mishaps that arise during Mercury retrograde. Reversals, reoccurrences of previous situations, and the collapse of anything contemplated are also on brand. 

I love that this transit brings mistakes to our attention. I mistakenly used the wrong hour for the Pope's chart and made an error in the last blog. I did this on the day Mercury squared Neptune, the planet of confusion. Neptune stationed direct in a square with his Sagittarius Sun (vitality) and South Node in Gemini (lungs) but not his ascendant. I was worried about his trip to Dubai to speak at the climate conference due to lung inflammation. He did not go due to his health issues and seems to be on the mend. The irony that I shared misinformation in a blog titled Reliable Sources is not lost on me. My deepest apologies for the error.

Mercury is currently parked at 8° Capricorn on the fixed star Facies, the penetrating eye of the archer. Taylor Swift has her midheaven ruler, Mercury in Capricorn at this degree, which explains her intense career focus and ability to train for and complete a grueling tour with three-hour nonstop performances. It is in her second house of finances. Her midheaven (career) is a smooth, easy-flowing trine away at 8° Virgo. She is good at what she does and makes boatloads of cash. Transiting Jupiter, which governs awards and success, is at 6° Taurus making a beautiful grand trine in Earth. This planetary pattern is manifesting magic. When a planet stations within a degree of a natal planet, there is always a story, and trines are aspects of luck and success. Her win as Time's Person of the Year is right on time. The planet of ideas and expansion are making two more abundant trines that we can all benefit from on December 18 and January 19. I am excited about this energy.

I am part of JNycole's Muhfukin Manifestation Challenge again this year. This 10-day event from January 2 – 12 event will help you kick off the year right. It's free and geared towards shedding the old and embracing a powerful new you in 2024. I will discuss the auspicious and challenging times in 2024 on January 2 at 2 pm PT/ 5 pm ET.

Facies also embodies some of the most violent energy as well. We may see some massive accidents this week. In Star and Planet Combinations, Bernadette Brady says it represents a penetration of action without regard for others. Cruel and ruthless behavior is on brand. It is dictator energy. Venus is in Scorpio in the sign of her detriment and in a harmonious sextile with Mercury on Facies at this New Moon. Shadow Scorpio energy is also brutal and potentially violent. Venus is also in a tense opposition with Jupiter, which rules legal affairs and religion.

  • The Texas Supreme Court reversed a lower court's allowance to let a pregnant woman with a fatal fetal diagnosis get an abortion. She has decided to leave the state to get the procedure to protect her health and future fertility. She may face cruel legal consequences when she returns.
  • In my town, a nasty incident at a local coffee shop made national news. A Jewish woman complained about anti-Zionist graffiti in the bathroom (Scorpio). A conflict between the staff and the customer escalated into nastiness; she started recording and the video went viral. It shows them blocking her access to the bathroom and being rude to her. The employees say she was equally nasty and that right-wing groups have doxxed them. The business is now temporarily closed; the employees were fired, and others have quit. It is a real shame as the owners support the community, and the café is a wonderful gathering spot.
  • The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is missing (retrograde) from his penal colony. There are fears for his health and safety as he has been treated terribly in prison. Monstrous dictator Vladimir Putin announced his reelection bid recently and has removed a critic from the equation.

Sagittarius' energy invites us to have an optimistic point of view, consider the big picture rather than the small details, and be grateful for any abundance we have in our lives. Can you have faith that there is positive potential for the future to be bright despite a world in disarray?   Mercury is “stopped” in the sky during the New Moon. The entire lunation cycle may feel like a constant retrograde even after Mercury goes direct. It is a fantastic time to slow down, plan, and work on projects you have already started rather than new ones. To dive deeper, purchase the Sagittarius New Moon workshop replay. I think it was one of the best. Also, listen to the Celestial Insights podcast. I am a speaker this Sunday at 10 am PT for the OPA Live 2024 – The Year Ahead webinar. Join us to learn more about the coming energies of the next year.

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ What is one long-range goal for expansion? How will you measure success at the first quarter Sagittarius Moon on September 10, 2024?

🔭 What are 3 things you are looking forward to in 2024? What steps will you take to ensure success?

🕊️ Examine self-righteousness and making assumptions about others.

🎵 Joy and Pain by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock





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