Bringing Sexy Back


We finally have cosmic news to celebrate! Venus, the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and peace, sashayed back home to Libra on Wednesday. This sign rules art, fashion, actors, diplomacy, and legal affairs. This is her fun and social sign where she can toss witty zingers, negotiate like a champ, and send everyone home feeling like they won something. Make the most of this transit to improve your flirt game, write persuasively, and close deals before December 4. Like clockwork, she got to work hours after her Jimmy Choo hit the cosmic red carpet. 0° of the cardinal signs are world points. Events get extra attention, and archetypes come to life that exemplify the sign and the planet. News stories for her pit stop a 0° Libra:

  • The Screen Actors Guild announced a tentative agreement to end the strike.  
  • Ivanka Trump made a glamourous pitstop at her father's civil fraud trial. 
  • Nikki Haley schooled Vivek...
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