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Last Saturday was expansive Jupiter's annual meetup with the Sun. It's considered the luckiest day of the year. The Sun's annual embrace is called the cazimi. Death and rebirth symbology are present as old stories are burned off. Jupiter rules religious figures and judges. It educates, broadens, and takes us on long journeys, including to the river Styx. The Sun governs leaders, and it focuses our attention.

On Sunday, the theocratic President of Iran and his top diplomat died in a helicopter crash on a trip to see a dam during bad weather. Jupiter in Taurus translates to a huge Earth structure. The Sun was harmoniously sextile foggy, watery Neptune in Pisces. Astrology is literal. On the same day, the Venus-Uranus conjunction met Israel’s Sun. Was this an accident and a surprise gift, as the power vacuum could lead to instability?

President Raisi, the Butcher of Iran, was a hardline religious leader, a judge, and a descendant of Muhammad, The Son of a Preacher Man...

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