Celebrate Good Times


Last Saturday was expansive Jupiter's annual meetup with the Sun. It's considered the luckiest day of the year. The Sun's annual embrace is called the cazimi. Death and rebirth symbology are present as old stories are burned off. Jupiter rules religious figures and judges. It educates, broadens, and takes us on long journeys, including to the river Styx. The Sun governs leaders, and it focuses our attention.

On Sunday, the theocratic President of Iran and his top diplomat died in a helicopter crash on a trip to see a dam during bad weather. Jupiter in Taurus translates to a huge Earth structure. The Sun was harmoniously sextile foggy, watery Neptune in Pisces. Astrology is literal. On the same day, the Venus-Uranus conjunction met Israel’s Sun. Was this an accident and a surprise gift, as the power vacuum could lead to instability?

President Raisi, the Butcher of Iran, was a hardline religious leader, a judge, and a descendant of Muhammad, The Son of a Preacher Man. Mars met the karmic North Node in Aries on the day he died. Mars rules sharp cutting tools, and Aries is a bestial sign. It was a Lovely Day for many Persians who hated him for his brutality. The Full Moon squares Iran’s party-loving Venus in Pisces. Look to the celebrations this weekend to see how amped this weekend's energy can get. Will Turn Down for What be playing? 

Masha Amini was killed by the morality police for not wearing the proper attire, and her death set off massive protests in 2022. Her name is similar, and I can imagine her singing I’m Just Mary. She was an ordinary woman who started a revolution. On June 4, as the Moon’s light wanes, Venus goes cazimi at 14° Gemini. This is the degree to which conflict welcoming Mars was on the day Masha died in state custody. Will our eyes be focused on an uprising in Iran?  Cazimi also suggests invisibility, being hidden under the Sun's blinding rays. Israel is a Libra rising, so Venus is its chart ruler. Will Benny and the Jets work behind the scenes to further destabilize Iran? Perhaps the Dog Day are Over for the people by fall.  If the masses rise up, will Iran become a State of Independence?

I Got a Feeling, as psychic hits through a song list, that something big was coming. The songs flooded in as I prepared podcast episode 108, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Iran’s theocracy crashing to the ground quickly is on brand for the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21° Taurus. It was opposite Iran's natal Uranus. This planet rules shocks, surprises, and sudden breaks. We shall see.

I love the energy of this Full Moon. It is expansive, imaginative, and joyful. Romance is in the air as it coincides with the Venus-Jupiter conjunction.  You can change your life with a smile and a hello. People are ready to let loose and party. This weekend, you will find me on the dance floor at the NORWAC astrology conference.  I am giving a lecture on eclipses this Saturday at 2 pm PT.  You are welcome to the party, pal. There is still time to purchase a virtual ticket.

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ Review the intentions you set at the New Moon two weeks ago.  Where are you now, what are your next steps?

⚖️ Consider where you are overdoing things, how can you bring more moderation?  

🤠 How can you embrace a spirit of optimism and adventure?

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is II Hands II Heaven by Beyonce.





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