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Happy Full Moon in Leo, the sign of joy, self-expression, generosity, and confidence. This lunation on the axis of self-expression vs. the collective is powerful. Leo is a fire sign, and its energy invites us to have pride in our talents, encourage others to shine bright, and be passionate about our creations. You can read my first published article about the Aries Ingress for the Evolving Astrologer Magazine.

 It was a delight to teach about the best transit of the year, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, in last week's webinar. You can view the replay on my YouTube channel. Please like share, and subscribe.

Astrology Foundations 201 starts next Wednesday, January 31, at 5 pm PT. This five-week class is taught live. It is ideal for students who understand the basics of astrology and want to take their chart interpretation skills to the next level.

In mundane astrology, the Sun rules leaders and people in authority, and the Moon rules the people. Aquarius. The Sun is conjunct...

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Breaking Chains

As I write this newsletter, I am still reeling from the brutality of the murder of Tyre Nichols by 5 Memphis police officers. This story is deeply connected to the Pluto return of the USA. Pluto rules death, brutality, and domination. Its transits unearth the shadows of our nature we would rather disown. This transit is forcing Americans to decide whether we will live up to the nation’s core values of justice and fairness for all. As we move toward the Full Moon, I am concerned that bad actors may use the cover of peaceful protests to wreak havoc. The astrology of the weekend is intense so stay safe. I discuss the astrology of this horrific event in the video here. 

This lunation on the axis of self-expression vs. the collective is powerful. The Aquarius Sun opposing the Leo Moon invites you to consider if you dim the light of your personality or hold yourself back out of fear of judgment. The luminaries will square Uranus, breaker of chains. Use the cosmic energy to...

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Fired Up!

The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo. This luminary is the life-giving force that fuels inspiration and creativity. Many screen actors have a strong Leo signature. Their luminosity captivates the audience. The luminaries will oppose each other on February 16 at 8:56 am PT. With this illumination, consider what you do just for the joy of it. Which hobbies fill you with pleasure? How can you reclaim some of the enthusiasm for life you had as a child?

After a cosmically sluggish start to the year, all the planets move in direct motion until April 29. Venus and Mars will meet in the sky a few hours before this Full Moon. They are in ambitious Capricorn. Act now to move your goals forward. Connect with the feelings of pleasure that success brings and recommit to the steps to achieve your big goals.

At the webinar yesterday, I discussed Canada's Freedom Convoy and how it may be connected with the Pluto return of the United States. Watch the video here.

This Moon phase family began 18...

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