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Happy Full Moon in Leo, the sign of joy, self-expression, generosity, and confidence. This lunation on the axis of self-expression vs. the collective is powerful. Leo is a fire sign, and its energy invites us to have pride in our talents, encourage others to shine bright, and be passionate about our creations. You can read my first published article about the Aries Ingress for the Evolving Astrologer Magazine.

 It was a delight to teach about the best transit of the year, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, in last week's webinar. You can view the replay on my YouTube channel. Please like share, and subscribe.

Astrology Foundations 201 starts next Wednesday, January 31, at 5 pm PT. This five-week class is taught live. It is ideal for students who understand the basics of astrology and want to take their chart interpretation skills to the next level.

In mundane astrology, the Sun rules leaders and people in authority, and the Moon rules the people. Aquarius. The Sun is conjunct powerful Pluto in Aquarius. This air zodiac sign governs the collective groups and institutions. Pluto unearths, destroys, surveils, dominates, and brutalizes. Leo is associated with children and recreation. The luminaries tensely square Jupiter in Taurus. The cosmic Santa is a protector and shields the Earth from space junk. It rules belief systems, religion, higher education, foreign travel, and legal affairs. The culmination of the Moon cycle brings illumination. Some news stories:

In Germany, the media exposed a secret plan by the far-right group proposing mass deportation of immigrants regardless of residency status. Over a million people protested in the streets last weekend as Pluto reentered Aquarius. Will there be more big news this weekend?

Florida's House of Representatives passed a bill banning social media accounts from children under 16 yesterday. They contend that many of these platforms are harmful to children due to their addictive features, the problem of bullying, and being targeted by sexual predators. I wonder if a TikTok ban is on the horizon.


There are multiple stories about political groups trying to subvert elections. A GOP leader in Arizona tried to bribe Kari Lake to stop her senate campaign. In New Jersey, the democratic party is trying to elevate the governor's wife. If you live there, check out Congressman Andrew Kim. The powers that be are trying to bully him out of the race. I hate bullies. The Republican National Committee is considering calling Donald Trump the presumptive nominee despite only two elections to kneecap Nikki Haley. The list goes on. 

Israel's Moon is at 4 Leo. Tomorrow, the UN's top court will rule on South Africa's genocide case against Israel to stop the war in Gaza. Today, Israel presented a video recorded by Hamas fighters of the brutal terrorist attack. The mass displacement of the majority of Gaza's two million occupants is also a top news story. The sickening horrors of war are on display.

The next few weeks will highlight additional collective transformations that are coming. As communicative Mercury, action-oriented Mars, and peace-loving Venus meet Pluto for the first time in hundreds of years in the sign of the collective. Listen to the Celestial Insights podcast for weekly breakdowns on #spotify #applepodcasts #stitcher and more.

Pluto unearths our shadows. What has arisen to your conscious attention over the last few days about your place in society, groups, organizations, or among your friends? Have your ideals changed? Do you recognize things about yourself you would rather disown? For more about Pluto in Aquarius, read The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed's article for The Old Farmers Almanac. Theresa is a fantastic writer, and I am quoted.

Use these prompts for contemplation, journaling, or oracle/ tarot card spreads:

✨ Reflecting on my Capricorn New Moon intentions for building my legacy, what progress can I celebrate? What do I need to release?

🦁  What is my relationship with pride? What am I most proud of about myself?  

👁️‍🗨️ Examine the shadows. Do you utilize attention-seeking or dramatic behavior as a weapon?

🎵 The song of the Full Moon is Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston




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