Facing your Fears

Please take the opportunity to ease into 2023; the energy is tumultuous. The double retrograde of the action planet Mars and communication planet Mercury is bringing scheduling delays, hassles, reversals, and unexpected burdens. Stable Saturn and chaotic Uranus also have a secret conflict; the contra parallel. Structures we thought we could depend on will continue to break down. People will fight against oppression, and some will cause upheaval seemingly without a cause. When frustrated, realize that the tension will lighten by the end of the month.   

For myself, a power outage brought two days of stress but relatively minor inconveniences. As I write, the Bay Area is experiencing an apocalyptic storm, so keep us in your thoughts. Also, there were over 20 nominations for the ISAR board. The board cut the list to 7 for voting, and I am not on the ballot. The selected candidates are top-notch.  

Athletes are martial figures. Football player Damar Hamlin...

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