The Rearview Mirror


Saturday's solar eclipse is chained to the Libra South Node and opposite the Aries North Node. This is the relationship axis.  Aries rules how we pursue our individual desires, and Libra how we partner with others. The nodes are karmic; collectively, we face the light and shadows of both sides of the see-saw. Join me for a free webinar on Sunday, October 22, to learn more about the Zodiac Signs as Mirrors.   Sign up for the Astrology Foundations 101 waitlist to dive even deeper into astrology. Class begins on Sunday, October 29.

Pioneering, courageous, competitive, and independent Aries energies are celebrated.  Its shadows are violence, impulsivity, and rudeness. Libra's archetype is diplomatic, peaceful, friendly, and cultured.  Passive-aggressive, fence-sitting, and people-pleasing behaviors are the low road traits.

Eclipse season brings sweeping change, and this one is exceptionally potent.  Bernadette Brady says the Saros 7S family...

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